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I think this Congress is unique in
the sense that you get to hear
so many people here in this Academic Medical Centre. It
brings everybody together under
the same umbrella, the roof of Academic Medicine.








~ Prof Victor Dzau 
President, National Academy of Medicine, USA


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Ophthalmology Symposium I
Multidisciplinary Programme of Eye Disease and Aging Medicine

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 21 Sep 2018


 Time: 1330 - 1500

Location: Academia, Level 1, L1-S1

This symposium consists of sharings from four speakers in different fields of Ophthalmology. The first speaker will discuss links of retinal disease with endocrinology, systemic morbidity and mortality, such as in renal medicine and cardiovascular disease. 

Dry eye affects up to one third of the adult population. Recent research points to a link between dry eye and neurogenerative diseases, which has increased the health burden tremendously. The second speaker will discuss the relationship between ocular surface disease and psychological medicine, in particular, the association of dry eye with sleep, anxiety, depression and happiness. 

The third speaker will discuss the immunology and diagnosis of major dermatological and ocular surface, focusing on cicatricial diseases, their clinical approach, diagnostic difficulties and current controversies. 

Because of the predilection of mitochondrial disorders involving the optic nerves, extraocular muscles, retina, and even the retrochiasmal visual pathways, the ophthalmologist is often the first physician to be consulted. The final speaker will [rovide interesting clinical examples of such diseases and discuss their links to systemic signs, as well as genetics of these conditions. 

The speakers will adopt an easy to understand format, with clinical examples and a list of take-home messages wherever possible. A lively discussion on current research and clinical issues is expected at the end of each presentation.


Retina Microvasculature in Diabetes and its Complications


Tear Dysfunction and Relationship to General Health


Speaker: Assoc Prof Louis Tong



Cicatricial Conjunctivitis: Immunology and Clinical Approach


Speaker: Dr Ong Hon Shing



Neuro-ophthalmology of Mitochondrial Diseases

Speaker: Prof Dan Milea


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