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I’m impressed with the quality of the regional and local speakers, particularly the young clinicians and scientist. As compared to when I first arrived in Singapore, this is light year ahead in terms of the general understanding of expertise in medicine, and in science and biomedicine. It’s really quite thrilling.








~ Dr Edison Liu 
President and CEO, The Jackson Laboratory


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Neuroscience Symposium I
The CATCH Trial: A Model for Innovative Clinical Trial Collaboration at Duke, NNI, DCRI, & SCRI​

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 22 Sep 2018


 Time: 0935 - 1105

Location: Academia, Level 2, Whitespace

Apolipoprotein E (apoE), a 299-amino acid protein, is the primary apolipoprotein found in the central nervous system (CNS). In the brain, APOE3 polymorphism is adaptive and downregulates glial activation and secondary neuronal injury. However, APOE4 diminishes these anti-inflammatory properties and is associated with increased cerebral edema after brain injury. Due to its size, the intact apoE holoprotein does not cross the blood-brain-barrier and has limited therapeutic potential as a treatment for neurological disease. To address this limitation, the team created smaller, 5-amino acid, apoE-mimetic peptides. The lead candidate, CN-105, is moving through the drug development pipeline and is now in early Phase II trials in the US and Singapore for patients with hemorrhagic stroke. This session will describe the drug developmental history of CN-105 at Duke, the ongoing CATCH trial in the US through the DCRI, and the planned S-CATCH trial in Singapore through NNI and SCRI. Finally, the team will detail their experience in designing this trial and developing multisite collaboration in the US and Singapore for acute brain injury.


Developing an ApoE-Mimetic Peptide As A Therapeutic For Acute Brain Injury


Speaker: Prof Daniel Laskowitz



The CATCH Trial: Translating an Acute Intracerebral Haemorrhage Therapeutic


S-CATCH: The CATCH Trial in Singapore


 Speaker: Asst Prof Kon Kam King Nicolas




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