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In this day and age, care of patients involved many disciplines and many health professionals. So it is important for health professionals to come together to learn about diseases and how we manage these diseases together, rather than learn in their own professional silos.








~ Assoc Prof Kevin Tan
Senior Consultant, Neurology, National Neuroscience Institute


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Education Plenary
Designing a Curriculum to Promote Critical Thinking 


 Track type: Plenary


 Duration: 45 minutes


 Location: Academia, Level 2, L2-S3

 Speaker: Prof Janet Hafler

In this session, Prof Janet Hafler will discuss how to design a curriculum to promote critical thinking in the workplace. She will examine teaching strategies and explore how we can use effective assessment strategies that enable students to master content using critical thinking skills. The skill of thinking critically clarifies and illuminates the ability to learn well. With an in-depth understanding of critical thinking, we as faculty members, can then select appropriate teaching strategies and design curricula to teach content to promote critical thinking in our learners. This is accomplished with the understanding that a curriculum is embedded in complex institutional settings with missions of service provision, education and research.

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