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Prof Kwang-Soo KIM


Professor, Molecular Neurobiology, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA

• Speaker, Neuroscience and Behavioral Disorders Plenary, 17 Sep 2021    


Prof Kwang-Soo Kim is Professor and Director of the molecular neurobiology laboratory at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA. Prof Kim has been involved in research and education related to dopamine neuron biology and its translation for novel therapeutic development for over 30 years. He is an internationally recognised speaker and researcher, and has published extensively in numerous journals and books.


Recently, his team has safely and successfully treated the first Parkinson’s patient with the patient’s own cells, showing the proof-of-principle of the autologous, personalised cell therapy for Parkinson’s disease. In addition, his team is working on development of mechanism-based neuroprotective therapeutics with a focus on the nuclear receptor Nurr1.