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This is a rare opportunity, where in the same room, you might have busy clinicians and academic leaders. You actually start to understand how this all works together - and that's where you get the excitement, where there's understanding that bringing academic medicine to a busy clinical setting ultimately really distinguishes the healthcare delivery.                 








Prof Mary Klotman  
Dean, Duke University School of Medicine, USA


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Emergency Medicine Symposium
Translating Knowledge Into Practice

 Track type: Symposium

Date: 18 Sep 2021


 Time: 1340 - 1510

Location: Seminar Room 3

The symposium will showcase various aspects of Emergency Medicine practice. It will include topics such as disaster medicine, prehospital medicine and sepsis management. These presentations are case examples to highlight the processes through which knowledge is gathered, utilised and disseminated on the ground to ensure up-to-date and evidence-based clinical practice.


Why do Research?


Speaker: Prof Marcus Ong Eng Hock



Paediatric Sepsis in the ED – SOFA, so good? SIRS?


Speaker: Dr Gene Ong Yong-Kwang


Nerve blocks within the Emergency Department


Speaker: Dr Pek Jen Heng





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