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Simulation Facilities

The SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Medical Simulation (SIMS) is equipped with one of the largest and most comprehensive medical simulation facilities in Singapore. These include training facilities at the Singapore General Hospital Campus, KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Changi General Hospital and upcoming Sengkang Health. These facilities provide healthcare professionals a controlled, yet realistic environment for simulation training.

SingHealth Academia
Simulation at Academia offers invaluable experiential learning critical to clinical training. Simulation facilities in Academia include:
• 1 Simulated Operating Theatre
• 2 ICU Simulation Labs
• 1 Multi-functional Simulation Lab
• 4 Simulated Clinics

• 1 Surgical Simulator Lab
• 1 Operating Room
• 2 Dry Procedural Skills Labs
• 3 Wet Procedural Skills Labs

Classroom training facilities in Academia include:
• 1 Auditorium
• 8 Seminar Rooms
• 2 Tutorial Rooms
• 4 Debriefing Rooms

Duke-NUS Medical School
The Duke-NUS Medical School is equipped with state-of-the-art educational facilities. This includes an Amphitheatre, classrooms and teaching labs which are equipped to conduct mannequin simulation training.

Changi General Hospital
Changi General Hospital's (CGH) medical simulation facilities comprise the Changi Simulation Institute (CSI) and the Centre for Advanced Clinical and Surgical Skills (CACS). Both centres work in tandem to provide advanced hands-on medical and clinical practice for healthcare professionals to support inter-professional training in a safe, effective and familiar environment.​

Changi Simulation Institute (CSI)

The​ Changi Simulation Institute (CSI) is an integrated simulation centre housed within Changi General Hospital. CSI features two simulation labs, which are equipped with high fidelity manikins, task trainers and video recording facilities to replicate different clinical care areas such as the operating theatre, intensive care unit and general wards to support inter-professional  training for our healthcare professionals in a safe, effective and familiar environment.

Centre for Advanced Clinical and Surgical Skills (CACS)

The Centre for Advanced Clinical and Surgical Skills (CACS) at Changi General hospital is a state-of-the-art training centre that was recently revamped with modern facilities and infrastructure. It provides high quality, one-stop training courses and workshops in both basic and advanced specialised clinical and surgical skills for local, regional and international learners. CACS holds some of the most innovative and highly sought-after workshops in the region due to the combination of dedicated faculty, innovative course designs and cutting edge customisable facilities. It also has a comprehensive range of surgical tools and equipment, complete with modular and reconfigurable furniture and partitions to support multiple training formats. CACS supports training across all surgical and procedural specialties. It is also equipped with multiple audiovisual capabilities and technological functions that support different training platforms. 

KK Women's and Ch​​​ildren's Hospital
The KK​ Hospital Simulation Centre hosts training sessions in crisis management, common emergency scenarios, and rare life threatening conditions. The Simulation Centre has four simulation labs where various pieces of biomedical equipment and facilities are available to mock-up any care area in the hospital. The centre features remarkably lifelike neonatial mannequins and paediatric simulators to provide education in high risk and low volume areas of paediatric acute medicine, critical care, anaesthesia and emergency medicine.

Sengkang Health
When completed in 2018, the new Sengkang Health, one of Singapore's largest regional hospitals, will be a holistic training ground for medical training with cutting-edged facilities.

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