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About SingHealth Duke-NUS
Institute of Medical Simulation (SIMS)




The SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Medical Simulation (SIMS) aims to be an international leader in the delivery of comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, multi-modality and interprofessional simulation-based training and research



1. To develop quality and standards for simulation-based training, with a focus on patient-centred environments

2. To provide a safe environment for trainees to hone their skills, with a view to enhance patient safety and ethical practice

3. To provide the tools to nurture and serve professional learners at all levels effectively

4. To provide support for individuals and teams training from basic to highly complex and
specialised areas

5. To innovate and explore new frontiers in simulation based education and research

6. To form partnerships and collaborations in line with meeting our vision


Core Values

• Strive for Excellence
• Integrity
• Mutual Respect and Teamwork
• Service through Learning to Promote a Culture of Safety