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Your Learning Experience

The training curriculum comprises an excellent mix of clinical activities, didactic educational activities and research opportunities.

In addition to an excellent range of clinical experiences on the wards, our Senior Residents are rotated to specific subspecialty clinics in SGH which will ensure an enriching exposure to the rich array of respiratory subspecialties such as sleep medicine, interstitial lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, difficult asthma and COPD.

All Senior Residents will receive training in basic bronchoscopy and are expected to complete 100 scopes before the end of the second year of training. You will also receive instructions in more advanced bronchoscopic techniques such as endobronchial ultrasound and thoracoscopy, and will also have exposure to interventional bronchoscopy.

Senior Residents will spend two months every year in intensive care training (a total of six months out of three years). For those pursuing a full intensive care accreditation, you will be required to spend an additional year of ICU training after the three years of training.

All Senior Residents will embark on at least one research project, and are expected to have at least one publication prior to exit. In the third year, you will have the option to pursue an elective subspecialty rotation, for example, further exposure to Sleep Medicine or a subspecialty of Respiratory Medicine.