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Pathology Residency Programme


About the Programme

Pathology is the foundation of modern medicine and healthcare. If you enjoy solving disease-related problems and using scientific technologies to support and advance the treatment and understanding of diseases, pathology may be the right career for you. 

The practice of Anatomic Pathology is based on the understanding of basic pathological processes, pathophysiology, as well as molecular and cell biology. SingHealth Residency Pathology Programme offers an unrivalled and stimulating learning environment to help you achieve your career objectives. 

The three-year Residency programme in Anatomic Pathology – is a dynamic medical discipline that comprises general and specialised surgical pathology, cytopathology as well as autopsy pathology. 

Why Choose Pathology?

Comprehensive patient case-mix and extensive clinical experience

As the leading public healthcare cluster in Singapore, SingHealth offers a comprehensive span of patient case-mix ranging from routine and common cases, to rare and complex entities. As a Pathology Resident, you will have access to an extensive range of clinical material in surgical pathology and cytopathology, and pick up valuable hands-on experience to prepare you for independent practice. 

Renowned pathology Faculty and dedicated mentors 

Our Faculty have vast experience in Pathology service, education and research. Many of our Faculty members hold teaching positions with NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, and/or Duke-NUS Medical School and are actively involved at the highest level of training and training administration, both locally and at international levels. 

Dynamic pathological training experience 

The SingHealth Residency Pathology Programme adopts a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to training. Residents can look forward to a dynamic training experience that includes activities such as supervised sign-outs, in-house teaching sessions, multidisciplinary clinical meetings, hospital-wide clinico-pathological conferences and more. Scholarly activity is also strongly encouraged.

Your Career Prospects & Development

Being a part of the largest healthcare service provider in Singapore, Residents can look forward to a wide variety of job rotations and career opportunities in our SingHealth institutions, and take their professional development to the next level through our comprehensive training and development initiatives.