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Making of a Chief Resident

Junior Residency offers us much protection. We have strict hour restrictions; We are closely watched; We have the “we are Junior Residents” excuse.

But upon stepping into Senior Residency, the weight of patients’ lives lie on our shoulders. In a way, we harbour responsibility for each outcome that happens on our watch. We ask ourselves repeatedly, “Was this something I could have prevented, if I was quicker, smarter, better?” We question ourselves, “What if?”

My only advice is to build strong foundations and good clinical practices early on in training, habitualise it, never stop learning, and never stop asking questions.

Aim to perform ‘one level up’. If you are the Junior MO, strive to think like a Senior MO, and if you are the Senior MO, strive to think like a Senior Resident and so on. Make this process a habit and soon you will be functioning at the ‘top of your license’!... 


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