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Let Food be Thy Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.” - Hippocrates Cooking has been an integral part of my life, especially in my formative years. One of my first cooking experiences was as a young 16-year old living alone in Melbourne Australia where I studied. The long beep of the microwave oven followed by a loud pop and the sight of glutinous rice slowly trickling down the viewing window would forever stick in my mind. Nonetheless, as eating out was expensive, I was determined to learn cooking firstly for sustenance and second, to always keep a part of home close to me.

 Sticky Garlic Pork Ribs Served with Slipper Lobster Aburi

  Baby Octopus cooked in a Mayonaise Reduction

During my undergraduate education, my maternal grandmother passed away. The next lunar new year, my family came together in an attempt to preserve her tradition of making her own pineapple tarts. In spite of repeated attempts, none of their batches came close to reproducing grandma’s pineapple tarts. It struck me that more than sustenance and comfort, cooking is also a way to preserve memories.

Mediterranean styled sous vide Octopus with Toasted Pine Nuts

 Slow Cooked Guiness Beef Stew

As much as medicine is an art and a science, cooking is too. A science when it comes to the basic cooking techniques required but also an art form which allows self-expression.


 Spaghetti with Meatballs

Cooking has always provided me much relief- an avenue to destress after a long day at the hospital. It is an outlet to practise the discipline with preparation/technique, yet tampered with creative innovation to improve old recipes and invent new ones. Above all, cooking is a chance to put hot food in the stomach as well as bring smiles to the faces.