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Residency RESource Poll: Infinity Stones in Medicine

Caught Avengers: End Game? Now imagine if you had the infinity stones, how would you use them in your practice of Medicine? 

Take part in our poll and submit your responses to by 19 Jun. 

Prizes to be won for the top 3 most innovative answers!

Reality Stone: If you have the ability to change something about the healthcare landscape today, what would it be?
Space Stone: If you could travel into the future of Medicine, what would you choose to find out, and why? 
Time Stone: If you could turn back time to change something that has happened in your career, what would it be? How would you do it differently?
Power Stone: If you had supernatural strength, how would you use it in your profession, and why?
Mind Stone: If you could influence the thoughts of your fellow healthcare professionals, how would you do so, and why?
Soul Stone: What is one sacrifice you have made for Medicine, and why?