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Things I'm Grateful For During COVID-19

​The current COVID-19 pandemic has been a period of uncertainty and challenge for our healthcare colleagues, but there's always a silver lining to every dark cloud.

Our Residents and Graduate Medical Education (GME) staff shared what they are grateful for during this time.


​"My daughter's K1 class made a giant poster filled with thank-you messages for healthcare workers, which was a wonderful surprise to come home to. I was touched. Sometimes you're so busy working that you don't realise that your kids are growing up so fast."

"I'm thankful for all the food and care packages we received while working in the isolation ward. Not only did we feel the warmth behind each kind gesture, the food kept us going during our long shifts too!"

Dr Roshan Mahesh Lalmalani
Senior Resident,
Geriatric Medicine Programme
Dr Tiffany Wong
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Programme

(Photo Source: Dr Jayant Iyer, SNEC)

​"I'm thankful for my wonderful colleagues. Despite the unpredictable circumstances, we learnt to adapt to new ways of doing work as a team. Beyond work, we were also able to check in on each other through WhatsApp and Zoom - this made us feel closer despite the physical separation!"

"During this overwhelming period, I'm thankful for the solidarity and fighting spirit of my loved ones, fellow colleagues and Singaporeans. This has encouraged me to soldier on despite the challenges at work, and it reminded me that we will get through this together."

Ms Filzah Burhanuddin
Associate Executive,
Ophthalmology Programme
Dr Valencia Foo
Ophthalmology Programme


​"With the safety measures in place, I'm grateful for more time at home. After long shifts at the hospital, it's nice to have time to pursue other interests at home, such as cooking and reading up on matters beyond Medicine."

"I'm thankful for technology, which has allowed me to stay connected during the Hari Raya period. Although we were not able to go to the mosque, I was able to listen and watch the takbir online. My relatives and I even managed to celebrate Hari Raya together virtually over Zoom this year!"

Dr Paul Yugendra
Emergency Medicine Programme
Ms Nurul Atiqah
Senior Associate,
GME Office


​"COVID-19 has shown me the strength of the Singapore spirit. When I joined in the nationwide sing-a-long of 'Home', I was touched to see many households singing and cheering for our frontline heroes. The way we've rallied during this time has made me grateful to be a Singaporean."

"The circuit breaker has made me appreciate the little things in life, such as enjoying a cup of coffee or ice cream at home. This has reminded me to be grateful towards those in the service and delivery sectors who have made these little things possible."

Ms Helen Yeo
GME Office
Ms Kassie Tan
GME Office



Do you have something that you are grateful for during this COVID-19 period?
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