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SingHealth Residency's SIP Bootcamp 2018

"Beep… Beep…"

"I can't feel a pulse! Monitor shows asystole!"

"Commence CPR, secure his airway, prepare to intubate!"

The hustle and sounds of an ongoing resuscitation reverberated through the halls of the simulation centre in SingHealth Academia. Such was the sight that greeted many, as group after group of students went through the doors of the simulation room, all with the sole purpose of equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills that are needed to handle such an intense yet real scenario in the daily realm of medical practice.

SIP2018 1.jpg
Where the action happens
SIP2018 2.jpg
Behind the scenes – the control centre of the simulation station

The simulation station was one of the many stations that were thoughtfully and tirelessly created for the medical students as part of the annual SIP bootcamp organized by the SingHealth Residency Committee. The SIP bootcamp first started in 2012 as an initiative by a group of residents who felt that it was pertinent for medical students to be equipped with the basic, practical and hands on knowledge required to function as an efficient intern/house officer. This workshop is an optional addition to the already robust curriculums provided by the respective medical schools.

Since its inaugural session in 2012 with much positive response and feedback, this altruistic initiative has gone on relentlessly through the years, with each year having further enhancements to the programme to best tailor it to the needs of the students and work system. This year was by far no exception, with the addition of the simulation station, where students could take on the role of doctors and treat the "patient" as how they would be expected to in real life. This station incorporated both the application of medical knowledge as well as procedural skills and I would say, was definitely an eye opener to most, if not all of the students. The post simulation feedback was provided to give the students instrumental take home messages to better prepare themselves to become safer, intelligible and confident doctors to their patients in the discernible future.

In addition to the simulation station, there were stations that were seamlessly created to educate the students on the approach to common scenarios that they may encounter in the medical and surgical wards. The contents of the stations were vast, ranging from approach to altered mental status in a patient to management of chest drains.

SIP2018 3.jpg
Intense discussion and mentoring led by one of our doctors

SIP2018 4.jpg
Interactive hands-on session on troubleshooting a chest drain

For the workshop to run as impeccably as it did on that Saturday, we would like to show our utmost gratitude to SingHealth Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office for their unwavering support, our SingHealth doctors for selflessly devoting their precious weekend to the tutelage of the future generation of doctors and lastly, the students for their enthusiastic participation. This is one of the few events that had doctors from all disciplines, both medical and surgical, involved in leading the stations and mentoring the students.

 "Patients. At the heart of all we do." This starts with educating our juniors to be the best doctors they can be in order for us to service our patients as best we can.

Let's hear from the Medical Students who attended the SIP Bootcamp 2018!

"What was most memorable for me was perhaps the paediatrics station. The scenario involved an infant with gastroenteritis, complicated by dehydration, and being the House Officer (HO) on call, we were tasked with managing the patient, which involved initiating intravenous rehydration. The scenario pans out as the HO fails to insert the intravenous cannula and now has to inform the naturally anxious parent of the failed attempt. I really liked how the scenario not only tested our management of dehydration and fluid resuscitation protocols, but also the soft skills that are equally as important. I also really enjoyed how the bootcamp tested some of our procedural skills that have practical implications on the ground, like intubation, for example. However, I do wish that everyone had gotten a chance to get hands-on, instead of just appointing one or two persons in the hot seat.  

The SIP Bootcamp met all my expectations and beyond. While the term "bootcamp" may intimidate some, I found the experience to be extremely useful. The seniors who conducted the bootcamp were knowledgeable and helpful and the scenarios were relevant situations commonly seen on call.  I do highly recommend that all medical students go for the SIP Bootcamp. I loved how the learning environment was conducive and inclusive for all - it allowed me to practice approaches to various conditions and helped me consolidate my knowledge. This was also an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with medical students from the other two medical schools. I am truly thankful for the Residents' efforts in engaging medical students and I hope that batches of medical students down the road will continue to benefit from this pro-teaching culture that SingHealth has. "

By Ms Ong Seeu Kun
Year 4 Medical Student, Honorary General Secretary for NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Medical Society
"The SIP bootcamp was overall very well-organised, and my friends and I have gained a lot from the session! I have received feedback that the simulation session was very good, and should be continued. It enhanced our learning to become competent SIP and House Officers next time, and I would highly recommend our juniors to attend!"

By Ms Heng Shu Yun
Year 4 Medical Student, President, Duke-NUS Medical School Medical Society

The following Residents have been instrumental in the successful run of the 2018 Singhealth SIP Bootcamp:

Singhealth Residency Residents' Committee Education Subcommittee
Dr Huang Peiqi (Co-head)
Dr Melanie Lim Sirui
Dr Louis Tee Yun Shou

Internal Medicine
Dr Cheong Li Anne
Dr Daniel Lim Yan Zheng
Dr Eugene Gan Mingjin
Dr Koh Siew Hui Michelle
Dr Lim Fang Yi
Dr Quah Kien Hong Kevin
Dr Rebecca Hoe Hui Min
Dr Sieow Yu-Fang Nicole
Dr Tan Yi Yuan
Dr Vera Goh Jin-Ling

General Surgery
Dr Cherlyn Ong Tze-mae
Dr Darren Chua Weiquan
Dr Edwin Yang Jiajing
Dr Koo Chee Hoe
Dr Lek Sze Min
Dr Mellissa Seet Yert Li
Dr Nicholas  Brian Shannon

Dr Anu Pandey
Dr Jillian Ann Pakiam
Dr Vikram Vemula Naga

Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr Joel Lim Wei-An
Dr Li Zongxian
Dr Tay Kae Sian
Dr Eric Cher Wei Liang

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Lee Shi Hui
Dr Li Mingyue
Dr Wang Wanxuan
Dr Yvonne Wong Wan Yu
Dr Poo Zi Xi

Dr Cheong Tien Meng
Dr Colin Low Jia Jun
Dr Lim Jiaxu

Dr Cheong May Anne

Family Medicine
Dr Lee Pei Rong