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Today time and all else froze as I watched a tall young man hold the hand of an old ah mah walking with a walking stick moving forward one small step at a time.

They approached slowly and ah mah said in Mandarin "Let's go there and sit down for a while." And the young man said "Ok let's go." They slowly passed by where I was sitting and sat down somewhere near.

There was silence. Ah mah peeked a few times at the plaster on her left arm and asked "Why do they always draw blood from this arm?" Young man was a little taken aback but then flashed a smile and said "That is because you always do things with your other arm."

Ah mah said "Orh." And then there was silence again.

After a few minutes ah mah said "I'm ready. Let's go." Young man stood up and helped ah mah. She took two tries and with the help of young man she stood up.

They stood and paused, nobody moved. Then ah mah moved one small step forward and the young man followed suit. One small step foward.

It took a while before they turned the corner and disappeared but the scene of them walking away never left my mind.

When was the last time we held an elderly's hand and walked with them? When was the last time we listened to what they have to say?

Perhaps I was reminded. Reminded of things I should have done.