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The Nation Celebrates

Two years ago, the nation had a year-long golden jubilee celebration for SG50. The celebrations then were grand and fun, but one of the thought provoking topics was that of SG100.

"What will the next 50 years be like? I say, it depends on you. Go for it! SG50 is this year... SG100 may seem a long way to come. But in 50 years' time, many of you will still be alive, will still be active and will still be working." Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in his speech at the Youth Celebrate! event in July 2015.

Two years on, this 9th of August will mark our nation's 52nd birthday. Two years closer to SG100.

Often, we are too engrossed in the busyness of work and social events, when days, weeks and months seem to pass in a blink of an eye, without us taking time to reflect the progress we have made as a person and as part of a bigger healthcare organization. In the weeks leading up to national day this year, I had dinner at a restaurant with a view of the rehearsal fireworks. In a few minutes, the fireworks set off and time stood still for that few minutes; dinner conversation paused, and everyone at the table took a moment to enjoy the fireworks. For me, the fireworks, set against the magnificent view of the city, reminded me to appreciate our progress as a country.

Often, I catch myself grumbling about how things could be better, or question why we need to do things in certain ways to that doesn't make sense. But every time I go out of this country and return home, I am reminded of the safety, stability and progress that I have taken for granted.

Looking around the developments in SingHealth over the last two years, the SGH campus is slowly growing and evolving. Structural foundations are being built for the new buildings, just as professional foundations are being built with each batch of Residents. I am excited to see what our campus will be in 20 years, and to be part of shaping the future of healthcare for the next 50 years.

Happy National Day!