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Breakthroughs, New Ideas and Innovations Galore at SingHealth Hackathon 2017

The first-ever SingHealth Hackathon, initiated by two SingHealth Residents, Dr Cheong May Anne and Dr Rena Dharmawan, was held on 21 and 22 January 2017 at Academia. This event attracted more than 50 professionals from multiple disciplines across various healthcare groups and medical students, to brainstorm new ideas and innovations to improve our patient care systems.

The SingHealth Hackathon focused on three challenges: 
1) Coordination: Exploring how to better connect and facilitate timely sharing of patient information among the healthcare teams caring for the patients, 
2) Communication: Finding better ways to communicate with patients and their families to help them understand their condition and treatments and 
3) Rehabilitation: Conceiving better methods to help patients get back on their feet. 
“Hackathon is a good place to meet people from different backgrounds and hear their perspectives. As medical students, we interact mostly with our mentors,” said Sneha Sharma, a Year 1 Medical Student from Duke-NUS, and a participant at the SingHealth Hackathon. “Throughout this two day event, I have interacted with several healthcare professionals, namely allied health professionals and administrators, to learn about the problems they are experiencing”.

Over the two days, participants discussed issues in healthcare, presented innovative solutions, and developed prototypes and ideas. SingHealth Hackathon brought a spectrum of healthcare stakeholders under one roof. The convergence of brilliant minds saw many innovative ideas and solutions being pitched. SingHealth Residency congratulates the three teams who emerged winners, and the two teams who received consolation prizes.

Meet the Winners of SingHealth Hackathon in:


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