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A Call’s Reminder of Our Calling

Chinese New Year eve of twenty fifteen

I was on-call again and not too keen

Third time in a row; it’s almost routine

Was there no one else who could step in?

As I began to lament my fate

Of why I always worked on this date

A nurse called to give an update

Of a patient’s request and state

He was on nebs and still with a wheeze

He mumbled with a tone of unease:

Doctor, can I return home please?

It’s the reunion dinner I just can’t miss!

With a heavy heart, I smiled weakly

For from the ward I can’t set him free

I felt for him and understood his plea

But for home, his health did not agree

I’m working overnight too

I’ll miss the dinner just like you

I want to help you get better so don’t feel blue

So you can go home well and we’ll bid adieu

With that, he smiled and nodded his head

His lungs were yet to be in good stead

His family soon appeared and removed his dread

This year’s dinner was to be by his bed

As I started to slowly walk away

I wondered how many were there that day

Who with their families could not stay

Because duty called or health had swayed

And then I felt bitter no more

This was a privilege I should not abhor

For God had opened for me the door

To joyfully serve those who were sore

This year I will finally reunite with family

But for those who won’t, don’t moan in misery

Remember your oath and why you joined this fraternity

Thanks for serving and here’s wishing you a good call hopefully!