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A Medical Christmas Carol

T’was the night before Christmas, with joy in many places,

And the air filled with carols so sweet.

X’mas lights twinkling cheekily, the baubles shining brightly,

Adorning the quiet Orchard streets.


The shoppers are gone, their loot all ensconced,

In packages all dressed so cheery.

Gifts for those so fond, kids with radiant smiles shone,

When they’re opened on X’mas so quickly.

And all around town, the revellers abound,

In party and merry-making.

But far from the carol sounds, one poor soul’s around,

Answering his phone’s persistent ringing.

His answers were short, his nerves simply shot,

At every moment accosted.

Unhappy with his lot, as he stomped around the ward,

A mistake, perhaps? He regretted.

“His hypocount’s low! And his urea too!”

The nurses are frantically calling.

“My drips’s running slow, but his BP’s unrecordable!

You better come stat and a-running!”

And so off he went, with his name stamp and pen,

To tend to those who called.

Sepsis with no cultures sent; a hypotensive event,

The cases piled up – it appalled!

And finally he sat, spent and totally shagged,

To speak to a centenarian.

In his mind he’d expect – she, a history would lack,

And he’d be out in an instant.

“Merry Christmas!”

So stunned by these words, our hero only could,

Blink back tears of joy and shame.

Those precious two words, unshackled his heart’s heavy load,

And suddenly, his problems seemed so tame.

Renewed and filled with vigour, he moved about his tasks with fervor,

Greeting each new patient with a smile.

His calling much clearer, his passion never brighter,

For his patients – he’d walk that extra mile.

And so my dear reader, we hope you’ve had a breather,

Reading this little Christmas prose.

May you have a Christmas so super, and a new year so uber,

As 2014 draws to a close.