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Anatomical Musing

I remember my first encounter with anatomy was in my undergraduate days at the University of Melbourne. I did a Bachelor of Science before I studied medicine. I took a module in Pathology which would go on to become my second major (my first major was in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology). It was a module on brain pathology and we had to visit the Anatomy Museum to view the dissected cross sectional specimens.

I remembered looking at the specimens and wondering how I would convey this information on my assignment. Since photography was not allowed, I took out some paper and hand drew each specimen and correlating the pathology with what was seen on the textbooks. I got so engrossed in drawing that it was 5.30pm and the door of the museum automatically locked and I got locked in!

It snapped me out of my trance – being locked in overnight in the Anatomy Museum was definitely not ideal; it was only after repeatedly banging on the glass door until a security guard let me out. Since then, I have picked up drawing anatomy as a hobby. It helps to relax the mind and appreciate the beauty of the human form.