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An Unforgettable Open House Experience

DukeNUS P1.jpg

The SingHealth Residency Open House 2017 started with an informative talk by Assoc Prof Lim Boon Leng, Designated Institutional Official (DIO) of SingHealth Residency. We learnt that SingHealth is rapidly expanding: Sengkang Health is opening in the later part of 2018, Outram Community Hospital is on track to be ready by 2019, and the new National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) building, which will be four times larger than the current centre, is scheduled to be completed by 2021.

I was glad to hear about these developments, and that SingHealth is striving to provide ample jobs opportunities in the future. I was also heartened to learn that there is a lot of support and bonding amongst Residents, and that the Resident satisfaction score at SingHealth is the highest among the three clusters. In addition, SingHealth Residents score above the national average in their examinations.

When the talk ended, I was excited to explore the Open House around Academia. The foyer was decorated with colourful balloons and the program booths offered many activities, talks, and lucky draw prizes. There was also a stall where we could get free yoghurt!

I had a great time interacting with the Residents. They answered my questions about the Residency programmes I am interested in — Internal Medicine and Family Medicine. These two specialties, in my opinion, are where the healthcare needs of Singapore lie, especially with the country's ageing population. Through small group discussions with the Residents, I managed to get a clearer understanding of the structure of the SingHealth Residency programme, and of the qualities Programme Directors look for in prospective Residents. I was also happy to learn that it is not all work and no play. SingHealth Residency ensures that Residents are well taken care of, and organises various bonding activities such as sports and dinners for Residents to come together to relax.

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I participated in a hands-on activity at the Hand Surgery programme booth where I tried to suture together blood vessels (represented by strands of noodles). It was a valuable and enjoyable experience, and allowed me to better appreciate the patience and care that hand surgeons need in their surgeries.

Overall, I would highly recommend that my fellow medical students attend the next Open House, as there are many opportunities to speak to the current Residents and find out more about SingHealth Residency!

Written by Heng Shu Yun
Student Council President & Year 3 Medical Student
Duke-NUS Medical School