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2015 Winners

  1. Top Performing Programmes
  2. Best Medical Sub-specialty
  3. Most Improved Programmes
  4. Outstanding Faculty Award
  5. Outstanding Resident Award
  6. Faculty Appreciation Award
  7. Partners in Education Award (Medical Society)
  8. Partners in Education Award (Non-Physician Faculty)
  9. Resident Committee Appreciation Award
  10. Quality Improvement Project Award
  11. Inspiring Resident Education Award

Top Performing Programme
This award is presented to the top programmes for AY2014, based on the ACGME Survey.

First Place
Orthopaedics Surgery Programme

Second Runner-up
Paediatrics Medicine Programme

Second Place
Emergency Medicine Programme

Best Medical Sub-specialty
This award is presented to the best performing Medical Sub-specialty programme for 2014.

Infectious Diseases Programme

Most Improved Programmes
This award is presented to the programme which has made the most improvements to their curriculum for the year.

Paediatrics Residency Programme
Gastroenterology Residency Programme

Outstanding Faculty Award
Top 5% Faculty nominated by the following programmes for their commitment and contribution to Residency.
Advanced Internal Medicine
Dr Lee Haur Yueh
Dr Farhad Fakhrudin Vasanwala
A/Prof Wong Kok Seng
Dr Eileen Lew
Dr Evangeline Lim Hua Ling
Dr Mah Chou Liang
A/Prof Ong Biauw Chi
A/Prof Soh Chai Rick
Dr Kurugulasigamoney
Dr Tan Boon Yew
Dr Tan Wei Chieh Jack 
Cardiothoracic Surgery
A/Prof Lim Chong Hee
Diagnostic Radiology
Dr Chan Ju Min Shaun Xavier
A/Prof Ong Chiou Li
Dr Tan Tien Jin 
A/Prof Thng Choon Hua
Dr Wong Wai Yin 
Dr Yu Wai Yung 

Emergency Medicine
Dr Ang Peck Har 
Dr Ong Yong-Kwang Gene 
Dr Tan Boon Kiat Kenneth
Dr Goh Su-Yen 
Dr Kek Peng Chin
Family Medicine
Dr Ang Seng Bin 
Dr Ho Chih Wei Sally
Dr Ng Chung Wai 
Dr Ng Lai Peng 
Dr Anandan Gerard Thiagarajah
Dr Wang Zhen Sinead
Dr Roy Muljadi Soetikno 
A/Prof Tan Chee Kiat
General Surgery
Dr Chan Chung Yip
Dr Chiow Kah Heng Adrian
Dr Lee Lip Seng 
A/Prof Tan Seck Guan
Dr Wong Siang Yih Andrew
Geriatric Medicine
Dr Nguyen Minh Ha
Hand Surgery
Dr Andrew Chin Yuan Hui 
Dr Ang Ai Leen 
Infectious Diseases
Dr Limin Wijaya 
Internal Medicine
Dr Chin Chee Tang
Dr Daniel Chong Thuan Tee
A/Prof Foo Wai Yin Marjorie
Dr Manish Kaushik
Dr Koh Meng Kwang Jansen
Dr Lim Choon Pin
Prof Lim Soo Teik
Dr Low Guek Hong Jenny
A/Prof Tan Ban Hock
A/Prof Tan Thuan Tong
Medical Oncology
Dr Ang Mei-Kim 
Dr Mohamad Farid Bin Harunal Rashid
A/Prof Deidre Anne De Silva
A/Prof Nigel Tan Choon Kiat
A/Prof Umapathi N Thirugnanam
A/Prof Seow Wan Tew
Nuclear Medicine
Dr Patrick Teo Tze Hern 
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
A/Prof Devendra S/O Kanagalingam
Dr Lim Yong Kuei Timothy
Dr Manisha Mathur
Dr Wong Wai Loong
Dr Anshu Arundhati
Dr Shen Yu Sunny
Prof Wong Tien Yin
Orthopaedics Surgery
 Dr Chua Thai Chong David
 Dr Guo Chang Ming
 A/Prof Arjandas S/O Mahadev
 A/Prof Inderjeet Singh Rikhraj 
Dr Loh Chi Yuan, Ian 
A/Prof Tan Kun Kiaang, Henry
Dr Sangeeta Mantoo
A/Prof Ivy Sng Peck Tsun Yee
Dr Abdul Haium Abdul Alim
Dr Sashikumar Ganapathy 
Dr Indra Ganesan
Dr Mok Yee Hui
Dr Raveen Ishwardas Shahdadpuri
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
A/Prof Tan Bien Keem
Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr Ng Yee Sien 
Renal Medicine
Dr Jason Choo Chon Jun 
Respiratory Medicine
Dr Mariko Koh Siyue
Dr Low Teck Boon
Dr Yeo Siaw Ing 
Transitional Year
Dr Cheah Kee Leong 
Dr Chow Chu-Tian Cristelle
Dr Shafi Humaira
Dr Jeremy Ng Chung Fai
Dr Ong Kee Leong
Dr Edwin Thia Wee Hong
A/Prof Wong Merng Koon
A/Prof Henry Ho Sun Sien

Outstanding Resident Award 
Top 5% of each Residency cohort who have done exceptionally well in their clinical and academic avenues of medical education.

Advanced Internal Medicine 
Dr Kavitha Garuna Murthee
Dr Lim Wan Tin 
Dr Goh Hui Fen Jacqueline
Dr Lie Sui An
Dr Lim Yan Yin Denise
Dr Teo Miqi Mavis
Dr Huang Weiting
Dr Yap Jiunn Liang Jonathan
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr Cynthia Chia Ming Li 
Diagnostic Radiology
Dr Chan Wan Yin
Dr Chia Ghim Song
Dr Saravana Kumar Swaminathan
Dr Zhuang Kun Da
Dr Suresh Rama Chandran
Emergency Medicine
Dr Leong Bao Yu Geraldine
Dr Ng Mingwei
Dr Pek Jen Heng 
Dr Quah Li Juan Joy 
Dr Wan Paul Weng
Family Medicine
Dr Chang Zi Ying
Dr Lim Chong Soon Daniel
Dr Zheng Lifeng
Dr Ravishankar Asokumar
Dr Ekstrom Victoria Sze Min
General Surgery
Dr Koh Yexin
Dr See Huimin Amanda
Dr Seow En, Isaac
Dr Tan Yong Hui, Alvin
Dr Winson Tan Jian Hong
Geriatric Medicine
Dr Astrid Melani Suantio
Dr Jeffrey Quek Kim Siang
Infectious Diseases
Dr Teh Yii Ean
 Internal Medicine
Dr Cheong May Anne
Dr Juliana Kan Yin Li
Dr Keh Yann Shan
Dr Loo Khang Ning
Dr Tan Jin Yang Terence
Dr Teo Hooi Khee
Dr Tng Ren Kwang Alvin
Dr Wong Yu Jun Eugene 
Dr Wong Ningyan 

Medical Oncology
Dr Chan Junjie Jack
Dr Nagavalli D/O Somasundaram

Neurology - NNI Campus
Dr Koh Pei Xuan
Neurology - SGH Campus
Dr Pang Yee Hau

Dr Lester Lee

Nuclear Medicine
Dr Khor Yiu Ming
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr Ang Xiaohong Joella
Dr Ho Weng Yan 
Dr Lim Whui Whui
Dr Lim Yu Hui 
Dr Saadia Zohra Farooqui
Dr Olivia Huang Shimin
Dr Ng Si Rui
Dr Daniel Ting Shu Wei
Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr Tay Kae Sian 
Dr Teo Hong Lee Terry
Dr Wong Pak Leung Kenneth
Dr Chua Jian Kai Andy
Dr Kiong Liqin Kimberley
Dr Tan Toh Hui Leonard
Dr Loh Jiezhen Tracy 
Dr Timothy Tay Kwang Yong
Dr Amos Tay Zhi En

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Dr Jeremy Sun Mingfa

Dr Jeannette Goh Lay Kuan
Dr Kam Kai-Qian
Dr Theresa Toh Shu Wen
Dr Lynette Wee Wei Yi
Dr Dyan Zhang Zhewei
Renal Medicine
Dr Tok Pei Loo
Respiratory Medicine
Dr Tan Qiao Li
Dr Yii Chau Ang Anthony

Dr Kenneth Chen

Faculty Appreciation Award
This award is given out to Faculty members of each programme for their commitment to Residency training in their respective programmes during their tenure.

Emergency Medicine 
Dr Ang Shiang-Hu

Renal Medicine
Dr Chionh Chang Yin
Respiratory Medicine
Dr Tan Keng Leong
Dr Ng Shin Yi 
Prof Sia Tiong Heng, Alex
Diagnostic Radiology
A/Prof Lim Choie Cheio Tchoyoson
Dr Ng Yuen Li
Dr Poh Choo Choo Angeline
Dr Bee Yong Mong
General Surgery
Dr Chong Tze Tec
Dr Wong Siang Yih Andrew
Dr Goh Yaw Chong
Dr Iyer Narayanan Gopalkrishna 
Internal Medicine
Dr Loh Lih Ming 
A/Prof Tan Ban Hock
Adj/Prof Shamira Perera
Dr Su Hsien Wen Daniel
A/Prof Yeo Yew San Ian
Dr Yuen Heng Wai
Dr Lui Nai Lee 
Transitional Year
Dr Lim Xue Yan 
A/Prof Tan Hwee Chye Andrew

Partners-In-Education Award (Medical Society)
This award is given in appreciation to the contributions and collaborative efforts of the medical student societies with SingHealth Residency.

Ms Anuradha Pandey, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
Mr Ryan Chen Yanwa, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Ms Nicole Lee, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
Mr Tan Jin Lin, Singapore Medical Society of Australia and New Zealand
Ms Cheryl Ho Shi Rui, Singapore Medical Society Ireland
Mr Tam Yong Seng, Singapore Medical Society of the United Kingdom

Partners-In-Education Award (Non-Physician Faculty)
This award is given to recognise non-physician Faculty and partners as they tirelessly impart their knowledge and experience towards a high standard of healthcare.

Assoc Prof Nivedita Nadkarni, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
Prof David M Virshup, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
Ms Eng Chui Lee Julia,  KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Ms Poh Bee Yen, Singapore General Hospital
Ms Than Shi Mei, Madeleine, Singapore National Eye Centre

Resident Committee Appreciation Award
The Resident Committee award recognises the numerous contributions of Resident representatives in the development of programmes for peers and juniors.

Dr Zheng Zhongxi
Dr Yap Jiunn Liang Jonathan
Diagnostic Radiology
Dr Tan Jingxian Colin

Emergency Medicine
Dr Wan Paul Weng
Family Medicine
Dr Chang Zi Ying
Internal Medicine
Dr Cheong May Anne
Dr Tng Ren Kwang Alvin 
Dr Wong Yu Jun Eugene

Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr Ho Xin Yi 
Dr Lee Jia Yi 
Dr Samantha Rachel Yeo Mei-E
Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr Ang Chay You

Dr Vanessa Tan Yee Jueen
Dr Raymond Reinaldo Tanugroh
Dr Teo Jia Hui

Quality Improvement Project Award
This award is based on QI projects that encourage Residents to innovate and come forward with fresh ideas on how current academic or clinical structure can be improved.

Dr Lim Yan Yin Denise 
Dr Low Yi Ling, Elaine
Dr Jessica Eleanor Malanjum
Dr Nithiyananthan Murugananth  Dr Ng Von Vee
Dr Quak Su Min

Emergency Medicine
Dr Liu Zhenghong
Family Medicine 
Dr Chen Weiming, Darren
Dr Lim Woon Ching, Sarah
Dr Zhuang Qingyuan
Dr Chang Zi Ying
Dr Muhammad Sabith Salieh

Internal Medicine
Dr Juliana Kan Yin Li
Internal Medicine
Dr Nurul Aidah Binte Abdul Halim
Dr Sharifah Munirah Binte Abdullah Alhamid
Dr Matthew Chuah Bingfeng
Dr Orlanda Goh Qi Mei
Dr Kaavya Narasimhalu
Dr Ng Kangqi
Dr Nur Emillia Binte Roslan
Dr Vignesh S/O Sivasamy
Dr Wong Hei Man
Dr Wong Ningyan
Dr Wong Yu Jun Eugene

Inspiring Resident-Educator Award
The Inspiring Resident-Educator Award recognises exemplary Residents who teach and nurture both fellow peers and juniors.

Advanced Internal Medicine
Dr Chong Jiamin Chiara 
Dr Krithikaa Nadarajan 

Dr Lie Sui An 
Dr Angela Tan Yun June
Dr Zheng Zhongxi

Dr Mark Cheah Chang Chuen
Dr Li Weiquan James
General Surgery
Dr Koh Yexin

Internal Medicine
Dr Chiang Jianbang 

Medical Oncology
Dr Tanujaa D/O Rajasekaran 

Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr Lee Cheng Sim, Jill
Dr Daniel Ting Shu Wei 

Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr Ang Chay You 

Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr Maduwilla Gamarachchige Amila Nirmal Silva
Dr Woo Yew Lok 

Dr Tan Yi Hua

Graduating Transitional Year Residents
We celebrate the graduation of the Transitional Year Residents upon their completion of their post-graduate year 1 with SingHealth.

Transitional Year - A
Dr Balachandran Prabavathi
Dr Sneha Elizabeth Eapen
Dr Eu Wencong, Ernest
Dr Foo Jyh Shyang, Joel
Dr Foo Wei Ting
Dr Goh Chin Guan, Jeremy
Dr Goh Shao Sheng
Dr Han Yan Yi, Audrey
Dr Jang Jia Hui, Isabelle
Dr K Sri Karpageshwary
Dr Kaung Htet Win
Dr Khoo Wen Shi, Deborah
Dr Law Zhi Wei
Dr Lee Shimin, Jasmin
Dr Lee Zhiquan, Damian
Dr Leng Qi An, Leonard
Dr Leong Dalun
Dr Leong Wen Hao, Justin
Dr Lim Dao Min
Dr Lim Michael Warren
Dr Lim Shang Rong, Winston
Dr Neo Jun Xiang, Andy
Dr Ng Tze Chong, Jonathan
Dr Pung Xuan Ming
Dr Martin Putera
Dr Dhilshad Bte Muhd Abdul Qadir
Dr Skanthakumar Abhirami
Dr Soong Junwei
Dr Joel Arun Sursas
Dr Tan Chong Xuan, Deshawn
Dr Tan Hui Min, Grace
Dr Tan Kah Hwee, Jarrod
Dr Tan Ming Jing, Elizabeth
Dr Tan Si Hua, Mabel
Dr Tan Xin Lei
Dr Tay Kaijun
Dr Apurva Thanju
Dr Tien De Yang, Justin
Dr Tien Shan-Yeu, Carolyn
Dr Tong Kai Yi, Clara
Dr Shravan Chandra Verma
Dr Wong Chen Pong

Transitional Year - B 
Dr Chia Xue Ling, Michelle 
Dr Goh Jun Heng
Dr Han Xinyun, Audrey
Dr Kang Hui Ying, Gavrielle Lynn
Dr Lai Hsuan (Lai Xuan) 
Dr Lee Ling Chung
Dr Lim Wei Han
Dr Madangopal A/L Narayanan
Dr Sim Hui Shan (Shen Huishan)
Dr Soh Puey Huang, Jobina
Dr Tan Chunzhen
Dr Tan Weiji, Nathan
Dr Tan Xin Ning, Sophia
Dr Teo Yu Ze, Evan
Dr Wei Xin
Dr Wu Jiwei
Dr Yap Juin Shiong
Dr Yeow Ting Wen