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2017 Winners

  1. Best ACGME-I Programme Award
  2. Best Medical Sub-Specialty Programme Award
  3. Best JCST Programme Award
  4. Most Improved ACGME-I Programme Award
  5. Most Improved Medical Sub-Specialty Programme
  6. Resident Committee Appreciation Award
  7. Outstanding Resident Award
  8. Inspiring Resident Education Award
  9. Faculty Appreciation Award
  10. Outstanding Faculty Award
  11. Quality Improvement Project Award
  12. Partners in Education Award (Non-Physician Faculty)
  13. Partners in Education Award (Medical Societies)
  14. Most Improved JCST Programme Award

Best ACGME-I Programme Award

Obstetrics & Gynecology 
​Internal Medicine

​Best Medical Subspecialty Programme Award


​Best JCST Programme Award


​Most Improved ACGME-I Programme Award


​Most Improved Medical Sub-specialty Programme


​Most Improved JCST Programme Award


Partners-In-Education Award (Medical Societies)
This award is given in appreciation to the contributions and collaborative efforts of the medical student societies with SingHealth Residency.

Mr Richard Chan Wing Hong, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Ms Heng Shu Yun, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School of Singapore
Ms Nicole James, Singapore Medical Society of the United Kingdom
Ms Ong Seeu Kun, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine National University of Singapore
Ms Charlene Tan, Singapore Medical Society of Australia and New Zealand
Ms Audrey Tan, Singapore Medical Society Ireland

Partners-In-Education Award (Non-Physician Faculty)
This award is given to recognise non-physician Faculty and partners as they tirelessly impart their knowledge and experience towards a high standard of healthcare. 

Singapore General Hospital 
Ms Leila llmami Binte Nasron 
Mr Vishal Deepak D'souza 
Mr Ivan Gerald Lee 
Dr Helmut Rumpel 
Singapore National Eye Centre 
Ms Loh Huey Peng
National Dental Care Centre 
Assoc Prof Kwa Chong Teck 

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital 
Dr Christina Ong 
Dr Quek Swee Chong
Changi General Hospital 
Dr Yong Hock Hean David 
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital 
Dr Anbalagan Kannivelu

Quality Improvement Project Award
This award is based on QI projects that encourage Residents to innovate and come forward with fresh ideas on how current academic or clinical structure can be improved.

Project: Improving Diabetic Foot Screening rates in Tampines Polyclinic
Dr Ong Tze Hui Stephanie, Family Medicine
Dr Quek Si Min Ginny, Family Medicine
Dr Tan Huey Chieng, Family Medicine
Dr Yee Wenjun Gabriel Gerard, Family Medicine

Project: Improving CT Brain Competency
Dr Chia Ghim Song, Diagnostic Radiology
Dr Lau Chin Wah, Diagnostic Radiology
Dr Lim Kheng Choon, Diagnostic Radiology
Dr Yan Yet Yen, Diagnostic Radiology
Dr Yong Yan Rong, Diagnostic Radiology

Project: Reducing Preparation Time for Wheelchair Patients to be Examined at Slitlamp Upon Entering Consultation Room
Dr Foo Li Lian, Ophthalmology
Dr Fiona Lim Pin Miao, Ophthalmology
Dr Low Jin Rong, Ophthalmology 
Dr Ng Wei Yan, Ophthalmology 
Dr Noor Affizan Rahman, Ophthalmology

Project: Improving Documentation Of Verbal Communications Of Critical Abnormal Radiological Findings To Referring Clinicians
Dr Lee Yee Wah Margaret, Diagnostic Radiology 
Dr Cheong Sook Chuei, Diagnostic Radiology 
Dr Cheong Wei Kiong, Diagnostic Radiology 
Dr Chua Ming Er Jasmine, Diagnostic Radiology

Outstanding Faculty Award
Top 5% Faculty nominated by the following programmes for their commitment and contribution to Residency.

Dr Chong Shin Yuet 
Dr Farida Binte Ithnin 
Dr Lim Hua Ling Evangeline 
Dr Mah Chou Liang 
Dr Mok Un Sam 
Assoc Prof Ng Suah Bwee Agnes 
Dr Ong Gek Kim Sharon 
Dr Chong Tuan Tee Daniel 
Dr Tang Hak Chiaw 
Cardiothoracic Surgery 
Dr Chao Tar Toong Victor 
Diagnostic Radiology 
Dr Cheng Tim-Ee Lionel 
Dr Ehab Shaban Mahmoud Hamouda 
Dr Huang Hian Liang 
Dr Poh Choo Choo Angeline 
Assoc Prof Sitoh Yih Yian 
Assoc Prof Thng Choon Hua 
Emergency Medicine 
Prof Goh Siang Hiong 
Dr Arif Tyebally 
Dr Faraz Zarisfi 
Dr Chng Chiaw Ling 
Dr Soh Shui Boon 
Family Medicine 
Dr Boo Ying Ying Alicia 
Dr Ho Chih Wei Sally 
Dr Hu Pei Lin 
Dr Koh Kim Hwee 
Dr Ng Lai Peng 
Dr Tan Yee Leng 
Dr Chuah Sai Wei 
Dr Khor Jen Lock Christopher 
General Surgery 
Dr Lin Jinlin 
Dr Tan Jianhong Winson 
Dr Tan Ngian Chye 
Dr Wang Chaw Chian John 
Dr Yeo Shen-Ann Eugene
Dr Chandramouli Nagarajan 
Hand Surgery 
Assoc Prof Tay Shian Chao 
Infectious Diseases
Cherng Pei Zhi Benjamin 
Internal Medicine 
Dr Chan Kwok Wai Adrian 
Dr Chong Jiamin Chiara 
Dr Khoo Joo Ching Joan 
Dr Leow Leong Chai 
Assoc Prof Loo Chian Min 
Dr Ong Thun How 
Dr Sewa Duu Wen 
Dr Tan Gan Liang 
Dr Tan Han Ying Jessica 
Dr Tan Poh Yong 
Dr Tay Chee Kiang Melvin 
Medical Oncology 
Dr Ang Mei-Kim 
Dr Loh Wei-Jen Kiley 
Neurology NNI - SGH 
Assoc Prof See Siew Ju 
Neurology NNI - TTSH 
Assoc Prof Thirugnanam Umapathi 
Assoc Prof Ng Wai Hoe 
Nuclear Medicine 
Assoc Prof Ng Chee Eng David 
Obstetrics & Gynaecology 
Dr Phoon Wai Leng Jessie 
Dr Wong Wai Loong 
Assoc Prof Yam Kwai Lam Philip 
Dr Ranjana Mathur 
Assoc Prof Yeo Yew San Ian

Orthopaedic Surgery 
Assoc Prof Chang Chee Cheng Paul 
Dr Chua Thai Chong David 
Assoc Prof Lo Ngai Nung 
Dr Zhang Zhiyong Edward 
Dr Mihir Ananta Gudi 
Dr Hwang Siok Gek Jacqueline 
Assoc Prof Chong Chia Yin 
Dr Quek Bin Huey 
Dr Tham Lai Peng 
Dr Rashida Vasanwala 
Assoc Prof Yeo Cheo Lian 
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Dr Mohamed Zulfikar Rasheed 
Postgraduate Year 1 
Dr Chok Aik Yong 
Dr Lourdes Ducusin Galang 
Dr Ibrahim Muhammad Hanif 
Dr Lee Lip Seng 
Dr Leow Hui Min Esther 
Dr Ong Peng Lan Jeannie 
Dr Pang Hee Nee 
Dr Humaira Shafi 
Dr Soe Ni Ni 
Assoc Prof Tan Seck Guan 
Dr Yang Liying 
Dr Yeo Kuei Siong Andy 
Rehabiliation Medicine 
Dr Wee Tze Chao 
Renal Medicine 
Dr Foo Wai Yin Marjorie 
Respiratory Medicine 
Dr Koh Siyue Mariko 
Dr Low Teck Boon 
Dr Fong Weng Seng Warren 
Assoc Prof Lau Kam On Weber 

Faculty Appreciation Award
This award is given out to faculty members of each programme for their commitment to Residency training in their respective programmes during their tenure.

Dr Tay Leslie 
Family Medicine 
Dr Ng Wei Ling 
Dr Kong San Choon Christopher 
Dr Loh Poh Yen 
General Surgery 
Dr Chan Chung Yip 
Geriatric Medicine 
Dr Seow Chuen Chai Dennis
Geriatric Medicine 
Dr Shakil Ahmed Chohan 
Dr Yip King Fan 
Internal Medicine 
Dr Koh Meng Kwang Jansen 
Assoc Prof Koo Wen Hsin 
Dr Phua Ghee Chee 
Dr Loh Poh Yen 
Assoc Prof Prakash Kumar Manharlal 
Dr Ang Hui Chi Annette 
Dr Teo Ee Hoon Constance 
Assoc Prof Lim Kiat Hon Tony
Dr Lena Das 
Assoc Prof Thaschawee Arkachaisri 
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Dr Por Yong Chen 
Respiratory Medicine 
Dr Low Teck Boon 
Postgraduate Year 1 
Dr Lee Yee Han Dave 
Dr Ng Chee Yung 
Transitional Year 
Dr Ng Chee Yung 
Dr Lee Fang Jann

Inspiring Resident-Educator Award
The Inspiring Resident-Educator Award recognises exemplary Residents who teach and nurture both fellow peers and juniors.

Emergency Medicine 
Dr Gayathri Devi Nadarajan 
Dr Wan Paul Weng 
Family Medicine 
Dr Yee Wenjun Gabriel Gerard 
Dr Li Weiquan James
Nuclear Medicine 
Dr Goh Xian-Yang Charles 

Obstetrics & Gynaecology 
Dr Qi Maili 
Dr Kho Chye Lee 
Dr Ng Wei Yan
Orthopaedic Surgery 
Dr Puah Ken Lee 
Dr Lim Kian Boon Joel

Outstanding Resident Award 
Top 5% of each Residency cohort who have done exceptionally well in their clinical and academic avenues of medical education.

Advanced Internal Medicine 
Dr Juliana Kan Yin Li 
Dr Ng Kangqi 
Dr Chong Margaret Yanfong 
Dr Lee Si Jia 
Dr Leong Xin Fang 
Dr Leong Xin Yu Adeline 
Dr Lim Yan Yin Denise 
Dr Tham Kar Mun 
Dr Iswaree Devi Balakrishnan 
Dr Huang Weiting 
Dr Ignasius Aditya Jappar 
Dr Lee Phong Teck 
Cardiothoracic Surgery 
Dr Zameer Bin Abdul Aziz 
Dr Chia Ming Li Cynthia 
Dr Yap Kok Hooi 
Diagnostic Radiology 
Dr Chan Wan Ying 
Dr Cheong Sook Chuei 
Dr Saravana Kumar Swaminathan 
Dr Wang Qi Wei Mark 
Dr Wong Chen Pong Steve 
Emergency Medicine 
Dr Lee Man Xin 
Dr Gayathri Devi Nadarajan 
Dr Quah Li Juan Joy 
Dr Sanjeev Shanker 
Dr Zhang Yuan Helen 
Dr Zhu Ling 
Family Medicine 
Dr Cheng Duo-Ying 
Dr Soh Feng Wei 
Dr Xu Cunzhi 
Dr Gan Tau Ming Aaron 
Dr Li Weiquan James 
General Surgery 
Dr Chua Wei Quan Darren 
Dr Lee Zhen Jin 
Dr Lew Pei Shi 
Dr Loh Wei-Liang 
Dr Kalpana Vijaykumar
Geriatric Medicine 
Dr Sharifah Munirah Binte Abdullah Alhamid 
Dr Vignesh Sivasamy 
Dr Astrid Melani Suantio 
Dr Dixon Grant 
Hand Surgery 
Dr Lim Qian Ru Rebecca 
Infectious Diseases 
Dr Chan Fu Zi Yvonne 
Dr Sim Xiang Ying Jean 
Dr Zheng Shuwei 
Internal Medicine 
Dr Kamalesh Anbalakan 
Dr Cheong Li Anne 
Dr Cheong May Anne 
Dr Fong Jie Ming Nigel 
Dr Jaydeesh Khanna Krishnasamy Balasubramanian
Dr Lee Pei Shan 
Dr Loo Khang Ning 
Dr R. Rajesh 
Dr Teh Swee Ping 
Medical Oncology 
Dr Chan Yong Sheng Jason 
Dr Lee Suat Ying 
Dr Lim Chiew Woon 
Neurology NNI - SGH 
Dr Yong Ming Hui 
Neurology NNI - TTSH 
Dr Chiew Hui Jin 
Dr Jasmine Koh Shimin 
Dr Jeanne Tan May May 
Dr Qiu Liming 
Dr Ady Thien 
Nuclear Medicine 
Dr Colin Tan JingXian 
Dr Peh Wee Ming 
Obstetrics & Gynaecology 
Dr Qi Maili 
Dr Ang Xiaohong Joella 
Dr Ho Weng Yan 
Dr Li Mingyue 
Dr Ng Qiu Ju 
Dr Poo Zi Xi
Dr Nathalie Chiam Pei Yu 
Dr Wesley Chong Guang Wei 
Dr Olivia Huang Shimin 
Dr Ng Si Rui 
Dr Charles Ong Jit Teng 
Orthopaedic Surgery 
Dr Boo Ho Chin 
Dr Cher Wei Liang Eric 
Dr Justine Lee Yun Yu 
Dr Ng Yeong Huei 
Dr Xia Zhan William 
Dr Loh Ming Ren John 
Dr Loh Ray Han Shaun 
Dr Png Lu Hui 
Dr See Xinyin Anna 
Dr Sim Ling Hui Brenda 
Dr Cher Yuqin 
Dr Ho Pui Yoong Valerie 
Dr Chester Huang Junjie 
Dr Lim Kian Boon Joel 
Dr Loh Sin Wee 
Dr Teh Kai Liang 
Dr Cheo Fan Foon 
Dr Jayanthi Karunanithi 
Dr Loh Jiezhen Tracy 
Dr Tay Zhi En Amos 
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Dr Feng Jiajun 
Rehabilitation Medicine 
Dr Kwok Kah Meng 
Renal Medicine 
Dr Liu Peiyun 
Dr Phang Chee Chin 
Dr Tan Hui Zhuan 
Respiratory Medicine 
Dr Chai Hui Zhong 
Dr Chew Si Yuan 
Dr Yii Chau Ang Anthony 
Dr Nur Emilia Bte Roslan 
Dr Kenneth Chen 
Dr Raj Vikesh Tiwari

Resident Committee Appreciation Award
The Resident Committee award recognises the numerous contributions of Resident representatives in the development of programmes for peers and juniors.

Dr Lee Si Jia 
Diagnostic Radiology 
Dr Lee Shu Yi Sonia 
Emergency Medicine 
Dr Gayathri Devi Nadarajan 
Family Medicine 
Dr Lim Jie Tong
General Surgery 
Dr Ong Wei Lin Lester 

Hand Surgery 
Dr Chung Sze-Ryn 
Internal Medicine 
Dr Cheong Li Anne 
Dr Ronald Chong 
Dr Wu Chun Ho Clement
Obstetrics & Gynaecology 
Dr Liu Jia Yi 
Orthopaedic Surgery 
Dr Woo Yew Lok 
Dr John Loh Ming Ren