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Residency FAQs

SingHealth Residency Programmes

SingHealth Residency offers 33 programmes, of which 22 are accredited by ACGME-I and 11 are accredited by JCST. SingHealth Residency also manages the training of PGY1s in SMC-accredited departments in SGH, CGH, KKH and SKH.
The SingHealth Residency programmes are:
The Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB) determines the qualifications, experience and other conditions; as well as the training programmes which are to be recognised for registration as specialists under the Medical Registration Act. The duration of training for each specialty can be found on SAB website via the link:
All application details and information on the SingHealth CS Residency Track are available in our CS Residency Track brochure. The last page of the brochure lists the programmes which offer the CS track:
You can also refer to the FAQs on CS Residency Track on the MOHH website:

Residency Training in Singapore

The following websites contain comprehensive information on questions related to the Residency training system in Singapore:
General Information about Residency Training, roles and responsibilities of Sponsoring Institutions:

Eligibility Criteria for Residency application
Residency Application Process and Timeline
Residency Interview
Letter of Reference

Accreditation bodies and systems for Residency Programmes and Sponsoring Institutions

Accreditation as a Specialist in Singapore

Application details and information on Clinician Scientist Residency Track

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