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Infection Control

The Infection Control Unit performs surveillance, auditing and teaching on infection control practices. The Infection Control Programme is implemented by the Infection Control Committee and enforced by the infection control team.

The Infection Control Nurse Clinician conducts surveillance, detects nosocomial infections, control of outbreak of infections and also participates in research in order to influence nursing practice.

The infection control team comprises an infection control officer who is a microbiologist and nurses. Teaching conducted by the infection control team includes induction programme, structured training course and in-service education programme.

This clinical attachment enables the participant to gain an overview of the current trends and infection control practices in SGH.

At the clinical attachment, participants will learn:

  • Unit set-up and organisational structure of infection control in SGH

  • Roles of the Infection Control Committee, officer and nurse

  • Overview of surveillance programme

  • Standard and Transmission based precautions

  • Management of pulmonary tuberculosis, HIV patients.

  • Management of sharps injury/exposure incidences.

Target Audience

Registered nurses currently working in Infection Control unit.




2 Weeks


Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing

20 College Road, Academia

Singapore 169856


Please contact for enquiries and registration.

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