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The Department of Gynaecology at the Singapore General Hospital provides general gynaecology services and subspecialty services: gynaecological oncology, reproductive endocrinology, adolescent gynaecology urogynaecology and climacteric medicine.

Women with gynaecological conditions can be treated using minimally invasive surgery. The experience and expertise of the medical staff in advanced laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures are expressed by them achieving the first tubal patency using falloscopic tuboplasty in Singapore and the region.

The Gynaecology Wards are located at Block 5 Level 3 and Block 5 Level 5. These wards provide service to all female patients requiring elective and emergency management of gynaecological problems. It also serves as a centre for training of both the medical and nursing students.

The ward is managed by a senior nurse manager and supported by a team of dedicated nurse clinicians and nurses. The nursing team provides services ranging from pre- and post-operative care, counselling of patients undergoing IVF programme and termination of pregnancy and health education.

In this attachment, participants will enhance their knowledge on adopting a holistic approach towards caring for patients with gynaecological problems.

At the clinical attachment, participants will learn:

  • Pathophysiology in related gynaecological conditions eg infections, benign and malignant tumours of the female reproductive system (excluding breasts)

  • Investigations, diagnostic procedures and treatment modalities

  • Pre- and post-operative care

  • Pre- and post-midtrimester pregnancy termination care

  • Psychosocial support to patients and their families

  • Principles of managing a gynaecology ward

Target Audience

  • Registered nurses with at least 2 years of clinical experience

  • Currently working in a gynaecology ward




2 Weeks


Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing

20 College Road, Academia

Singapore 169856


Please contact for enquiries and registration.

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