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Diabetes Mellitus​

The attachment programme aims to provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a Diabetes Nurse Educator, as well as the set-up and functions of the Diabetes Metabolism Centre (DMC).

The Department of Endocrinology provides a tertiary level care in hormonal and metabolic disorders. 

The Diabetes Metabolism Centre located at Bowyer Block C Level 1, was established in 1995 to provide comprehensive range of services for patients and equips them / their carers with the necessary skills to manage their diabetes independently and safely. 

 In addition, a team of diabetic nurses educators conduct diabetes education and counselling to patient / carer and nurses. They are also assisted by dietitians and podiatrists and together problems are dealt with in consultation with the medical staff. 

 The Endocrine Ward, situated at Block 4 Level 6, is managed by a senior nurse manager, nurse clinicians and her team of skilled nurses. Together the team adopted a holistic approach to help patients achieve an acceptable quality of life.

At the clinical attachment, participants will learn:

  • Roles and responsibilities of a Diabetes Nurse Educator

  • Counseling of diabetic patients in terms of dietary, medication, foot and self-care Educating patients on blood glucose self-monitoring, insulin injection and titration of medication based on self-monitoring

  • Ward in-patient assessment and review

  • Clinic review and home follow-up

  • Latest practices on diabetic management

Target Audience

Registered Nurses




1 Week


Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing

20 College Road, Academia

Singapore 169856


Please contact for enquiries and registration.

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