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Learning Innovation and Technology

The Learning Innovation and Technology team actively supports technology infrastructure related to medical education by providing an innovative educational experience through the use of advanced technology, the latest educational teaching and learning tools. The team works closely with medical faculty and administrators to produce videos showcasing innovative teaching, provide learning solutions, and support education technology infrastructure.

A) Video production

The team produces videos for medical training and education. The video production process starts with an initial consultation to better understand your needs. Our producers, camera crew and video editors will maintain continuity throughout the project and follow your production from beginning to end. The video production process includes creating visual effects for videos that can be distributed via digital format such as Web, CD-ROM or DVD.

Video Production Process

LT video production.jpg 

Uses for Video

• Video is an extremely powerful media that can be used for several applications; these include Employee Training Videos - Explanation of standard procedures and responsibilities involving different hierarchy. Approximately 5 to 10 minutes.
• Product Training Videos - Provide a quick reference guide for your medical products. Approximately 5 to 10 minutes.
• Scenario Based Training Videos - Re-enactment of case studies for learners to review. Approximately 2 to 4 minutes.

B) 2D/3D animation and visual effect:

The following services are available for Medical training and education:

(1) 3D medical animations - to depict medical process or to illustrate a medical concept.
(2) 2D medical animation services are useful in explaining detailed anatomy, treatment processes, physiology and other health related areas.

The process starts with an initial consultation. The animator will then develop the animation according to your requirements and produce the medical animation in your preferred format (e.g. video, eLearning content, or printed material). If you require PowerPoint presentations for teaching or medical conference, we can create animations with intricate details.

3D Development process

LT 3D.png 

C) Innovation Technology

The team supports the innovative use of technology in the teaching and learning process, including the use of the following systems:

1.E-Learning solution(LMS)
2.E-Lecture solution ( LRS)
3.Education Management System (EMS)
4.Event Registration System (ERS)

The team can support research on innovative teaching and provide learning tools such as Audio/ Video conferencing system, LIVE simulcast solution, 3D scanner, classroom teaching tools using mobile app.


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