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Illustration Services

The Learning Development team creates digital illustrations that aid in the understanding of difficult subjects. Illustrations enhance the teaching and learning process by converting complex scientific and medical information into accurate, clear and effectve images suitable for a broader audience.

Different styles of 2D and 3D digital illustrations can be created to cater to special needs on different platforms. These illustrations could range from simple black and white line art to images with realistic details.

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Three levels of illustration complexity

Level of ComplexityDetailsSample
Level 1Simple lines
Illustration with black lines only without shadings or colours.


Level 2Moderate tones
Illustration with a limited range of colours or grey tones.


Level 3Complex details
Illustration with wide range of colours, shadows, highlights and textures.


Examples of past projects

Project BriefIllustration

Example of     Level 1 illustration:
Instructional illustration of lumbar puncture.


Example of     Level 2 illustration:
Range of motion of the knees.
Example of     Level 3 illustration:
Facial reconstruction using vascularised calvarial bone flap after maxillectomy.
Example of     Level 3 illustration:
Vertical mammoplasty: Less ideal downward pointing pedicle, with kinking of pedicle when transposed upwards.


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