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Ethical and Legal Considerations in Protecting Your Company Secrets and Customer Databases

This course will examine the ethical and legal duties of employees, contractors and external parties in relation to the protection of company secrets and databases.

This course will be conducted by The Institute of Chartered Accountants (ISCA).

Learning Objectives


• Threats to secrets and database – internal sources (employees and contractors) and external sources (hackers, industrial espionage agents, business rivals)
• Ethical duties of employees – honesty, fidelity, fair value for pay, integrity, avoiding conflicts of interests
• Ensuring ethical conduct of employees – selection, induction, training, education, reinforcement, publicity of responses to unethical conduct
• Dealing with employee’s ethical breaches – employee handbook, codes of conduct, shaming, blacklisting
• Fiduciary duties of directors and officers – to act in employer’s interests, not to use company assets, monies or business opportunities for own benefit, to reveal wrongdoings of other employees, full and frank disclosure,
section 157 of the Companies Act
• Prevention of Corruption Act – benefits, corrupt intent, famous local cases (Peter Lim, Ng Boon Gay and Teh Tsun Hang), punishment, extra-territorial effect
• Response to external threats – criminal law (conspiracy, abetment, computer crime laws), intellectual property laws, Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act
• Civil remedies to external threats – torts of trespass, breach of confidence, conspiracy, foreign threats, use of Mareva injunctions and Anton Piller orders
• Contractual protection of secrets – cybersecurity policies, restraint of trade clauses  (scope covering georgraphical extent, prohibited activities, length of restraint) – trade secrets (classification and protection) – customer relationship – public policy - incentive payments

Target Audience

A foundation to intermediate level programme intended for both practicing and non-practising accountants. Professionals who would like to understand more about the ethical and legal duties of employees, contractors and external parties in relation to the protection of company secrets and databases are welcome to attend.


18 August 2021

Course Fees

$263.65 (SingHealth rate, including GST)

Class Size

30 pax


via Zoom


Registration Details

NOTE: Please ensure that you submit the training request form to your respective HR departments for approval before sending in your registration.


You may wish to register via this website. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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