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Scientific Programme

0​800 - 0830​ Registration
​0​830 -​ 0850 Welcome Address by SingHealth Nursing Conference Chairperson
Norasyikin Binte Hassan, Senior Nurse Manager, Nursing Education, Changi General Hospital
Opening Address by Guest-of-Honour
Prof Wong Tien Yin, Deputy Group Executive Officer (Research and Education), SingHealth 
​0850 - 0950​

Keynote Lecture 1

Beyond the Bedside - Lessons from Working in Wounds and Opportunities for Innovation
Prof Keith Harding

​0950 - 1000Welcome Address by Advanced Practice Nurse Conference Chairperson
Yang JuMei, Nurse Clinician (APN), Singapore General Hospital
​1000 - 1045

Keynote Lecture 2

APN Outcomes Measurements
by Prof Ruth Kleinpell

​1045 - 1100 Session Break​
​1100 - 1145

Plenary Lecture 1

APN Development in Singapore
by Dr Karen Koh

​1145 - 1200

Sponsor Lecture​

Vascular Access Devices Technologies Influencing Future of Nursing
by Mark Wong, Senior Clinical Specialist, Becton Dickinson Holdings Pte Ltd

​1200 - 1300 Lunch Break​
​APN Conference Track 1:
Transforming Care Beyond Bedside
​APN Conference Track 2:
Leading Nursing through Examples
​1330 - 1350​ ​The Journey in Building RHS-led
Community Nursing: The 4Cs

by Dr Lim Su Fee
Caring for Patients with Parkinson Disease who Undergo Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery
by Ms Li Wei
​1350 - 1410 Flash Glucose Monitoring from
Hospital to Community

by Ms Chua Chin Lian
Advanced Practice Nurse-Led Heart Failure Nursing Services
by Ms Elaine Ng Swee Ling
​1410 - 1430Rapid Response Service in
Singapore General Hospital
by Dr Ng Lit Soo
Mental Health Literacy
by Dr Tay Jing Ling
​1430 - 1440 Live Q&A Session​
​1440 - 1500 The Roles of Advanced Practice Nurse
in Changi Prison: Caring for Inmates
with Mental Disorders

by Mr Xia Xiangbing
​Advanced Practice Nurse in Paediatric Emergency Care
by Ms Cynthia Lim Rong Xiu
​1500 - 1520Providing Proactive Palliative Care
through the Novel Use of Telemedicine for Patients with Advanced Cancer

by Ms Zhu Xia
The Journey of an Acute Care APN: A Learning Experience.
by Ms Wang Xiqin
1520 - 1540​ ​Renal Transplant Nursing
by Ms Maslinna Binte Abdul Rahman
Resurrection of Maggots:
Microsurgeons' role in wound care

by Dr Sivagame D/O Maniya
​1540 - 1600Live Q&A Session
​1600 - 1645

Plenary Lecture 2

Evolving Roles of the Advanced Practice Nurse and Barriers and Facilitators to Practice
by Prof Joyce Pulcini

​1645 - 1730

Plenary Lecture 3

Education & Training of Advanced Practice Nurse in Singapore: From Classroom to Clinical Application - Integrated APN Internship (IAI)
by Ms Jasmine Kang


0​730 - 0800​Registration
​0800 - 0845

​​Plenary Lecture 4

Evolution of Nursing in Singapore
By Ms Tan Soh Chin

CONCURRENT SESSIONS ​Nursing Conference Track 1:
Transformation Leadership
Nursing Conference Track 2:
Digital Technology, Are We Ready?
​0900 - 0920 Nursing Transformation in a Digital World  ​
by Mr Steve Lee Hee Kwang
 Data Science & Innovation in SingHealth
by Prof Marcus Ong
​0920 - 0940 Relationship Counselling for You and Your Work Systems using Human Factors
by Dr Yin Shanqing
AI and Healthcare: Beyond Algorithms
by Assoc Prof Yeo Khung Keong
​0940 - 1000 5 Key shifts in Healthcare: How Will We Cope?
by Assoc Prof Nicholes Chew
Importance of Cybersecurity in the
Healthcare Setting; Building a Viable and Sustainable Data Defence System
by Mr Chua Kim Chuan
​1000 - 1020 Reflection in Practice
by Assoc Prof Simon Ong
Demstifying the Fear, Buzz and
Hype of Healthcare Digitalisation

by Prof Adam Chee
​1020 -1030 Live Q&A Session
​1030 - 1100

Sponsor Lecture​ ​

NeutraClear- Neutral Displacement Connector in Reducing CRBSI
by Primuz

​1100 - 1230 Lunch Break​
CONCURRENT SESSIONS Nursing Conference Track 3:
Frontiers for Innovation
Nursing Conference Track 4:
Empowering Care with Job Redesigning
and Data Analytics
​1300 - 1320 Delivering Holistic Person-Centred Care in the Community Through a Population-Based Approach – Innovations, Implementation, and Outcomes
by Assoc Prof Eugene Shum
Better Healthcare Thrives on Better Innovation - Defining and Measuring Value Care
by Prof Ho Khek Yu Lawrence
​1320 - 1340 Innovation, Data and AI in Healthcare Landscape
by Assoc Prof Tan Hiang Khoon
Innovative Revolution of Education for Healthcare Quality and Safety in Future
by Ms Pang Nguk Lan
​1340 - 1400 Nurse-Lead Innovation -
The Why and The How

by Ms Ang Shin Yuh
Community Nursing from the Perspective
of a Community Care Organisation

Dr Chee Chung Ow
​1400 - 1420 Telehealth for Nursing - The KKH Experience
by Assoc Prof Mark Koh​ & Ms Cynthia Pang
            Implications of Big Data for Future Nursing
by Ms Faradillah Mohamed Yasin
​1420 - 1430 Live Q&A Session​ ​
​1430 - 1500

Plenary Lecture 5

Beyond the Bedside - Revisioning Nursing
by Prof Phillip Della

​1500 - 1530

Plenary Lecture 6

Happy Nurse = Happiness
by Mr Benedict Tan Wee Bor

​1530 - 1600

Plenary Lecture 7

Innovation 360 in SingHealth
by Prof Kenneth Kwek

​1600 - 1700 Panel Discussion

Time             CONFERENCE DAY 3 | 21 AUGUST 2021
​0845 - 0915 Registration
​0915 - 0930 Prize Presentation for Abstracts Poster Competition​
Norasyikin Binte Hassan, Senior Nurse Manager, Nursing Education, Changi General Hospital
               Nursing Conference Track 5: A New Era of Learning​ ​
​0930 - 1000 The Clinical Simulation Spectrum: Challenges and Opportunities
by Prof Fatimah Binte Abdul Lateef
​1000 - 1030 Beyond Quality to Value - Driving Towards Value-Driven Care
by Dr Lim Eng Kok​
1030 - 1100​      Immersive Technology (AR/VR/MR) For Healthcare     
by Mr Mark Wong
​1100 - 1130 Design Thinking and Applied Learning: Instructional Design for Teaching Quantitative Research Methods and Statistical Appraisal of Honours Degree Nursing Students
by Assoc Prof Genedine Lim
​1130 - 1200Education in a Digitalised Age: Does Smart Technologies Make Nurses Smarter?
by Mr Yap Soon Ghee
​1200 - 1210 ​Live Q&A Session
​1210 - 1220 Closing Speech
Jordan Hwang, Senior Nurse Clinician (APN), Speciality Nursing, Singapore General Hospital

Programme is updated as of 13 Aug 2021 and is subjected to change.
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