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About the Speaker


Ms Neo Hui Xin

Assisi Hospice, Singapore

Huixin is a physiotherapist who is currently working in Assisi Hospice, Singapore. She provides inpatient physiotherapy services for the Hospice’s 85 bedded inpatient beds and home care patients who have been referred for palliative care.

Huixin’s primary specialisation is physiotherapy in oncology. She has had 6 years working experience in an acute hospital setting prior to her move to Assisi Hospice. Huixin has a keen interest in palliative care and therefore, her move to Assisi Hospice a year ago was a natural extension of her physiotherapy practice. In her presentation, she would like to provide an insight on her work with the inpatient hospice patients. Most importantly, she would like to affirm how physiotherapy and exercise is still an important component even for hospice patients who have been admitted for terminal care.

Presentation Abstract

The Role of Physical Activity in Hospice Patients

As the scene of Singapore healthcare evolves, we begin to have a larger proportion of frail cancer survivors as well as patients with end stage organ failure. As such, palliative care in Singapore aims to partner with primary care teams at earlier stages of the patient's diagnosis to provide continual holistic care for the individual til the end of his/her life. Similarly, palliative care physiotherapists also see the same change in the mix of patients that we are referred to. In Melissa's presentation, she will provide an overview of the Assisi Hospice Daycare exercise programmes and discuss about appropriate exercise prescription for a few complex case studies; while Huixin will give an insight on how exercise as well as physical activity is still safe and possible for inpatient hospice patients who have short 3 month prognoses.