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About the Speaker


Dr Kiley Loh


Dr Kiley Loh is a consultant at the Division of Medical Oncology at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS). He graduated from the University of Melbourne, before undertaking Medical Oncology training through the Victorian Medical Oncology Training Program at several Melbourne based hospitals, including the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. He joined NCCS after the completion of his training and is currently a subspecialist in the field of breast cancers.

Dr Loh is currently an active researcher in the fields of breast cancer, cancer supportive care (minimizing treatment side effects) and cancer survivorship (helping people live better after a cancer diagnosis).

He is also the Director of Cancer Education and Information Services at NCCS, leading the institution’s patient, family and public cancer education initiatives. 

Presentation Abstract

Exercise in Patients with Cancer

Exercise has been shown to be safe and beneficial to patients with both early and advanced cancers. The benefits range from improvements in function, symptoms, and quality of life, to reduction in mortality in cancer patients. Pre-clinical studies have also uncovered potential anti-tumor mechanisms of exercise. In this talk, we will unwrap the evidence surrounding the role of exercise in cancer patients and its potential future applications in the field of oncology.