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SingHealth Duke-NUS Sport and Exercise Medicine Conference 2020 Abstracts


  It is our pleasure to invite you to submit an abstract for the inaugural SingHealth Duke-NUS Sports and Exercise  
  Medicine Conference 2020 for oral or poster presentations. This year’s conference theme is ‘Physical Activity – 
  The New Vital Sign: Systematic Exercise Intervention in the Chronic Disease Paradigm

 Guidelines & Criteria for Submissions

  The following are guidelines for the submission of abstracts for oral or poster presentation:

  1. The primary focus and substance of the submitted abstract must be novel.
  2. The abstract must not have been published as an abstract or as a full paper in a scientific, medical, or professional publication at the time of submission.
  3. However, abstracts presented at previous conferences may be submitted. Please indicate when and where the presentation content has already been presented if so.
  4. The abstract must be informative, including statements of the study’s specific PURPOSE, METHODS, summary of RESULTS, and CONCLUSION, using these headings.
  5. It is unsatisfactory to state, “The results will be discussed.”
  6. Abstracts of experimental, observational, and meta-analytic studies must include data to substantiate the conclusions being drawn.
  7. Systematic reviews without meta-analyses are not acceptable.
  8. It is not satisfactory to simply describe what was found (such as, “the treatment group increased their fitness more than the control group”) or to only include statistical results (such as, “associations were significant at
    p < .05).” The lack of inclusion of experimental data may result in the abstract being rejected.
  9. The abstract must be written in English and be free from typographical and grammatical errors.
  10. The abstract must be relevant to sport and exercise medicine and the conference theme.

  The abstract must be structure as follows:

  • Title: The title should not exceed 15 words.
  • Authors: The first and last names of all the authors should be included in the author block.
  • Institutions: Institutions and departments of all authors should be clearly stated.
  • Text: The main body of the text should not exceed 350 words (excluding Title and Author information).

  There is no limit to the number of abstracts that may be submitted by an individual. Please note that the 
  Conference Programme Committee reserve the right to specify the format via which the presentation is to be
  made (poster or oral). 

 Themes for Submission

 The inaugural SingHealth Duke-NUS Sport and Exercise Medicine Conference theme is ‘Physical Activity – the New 
 Vital Sign: Systematic exercise intervention in the chronic disease paradigm’. Possible topics for abstracts include,
 but not limited to, the following:

  1. Global Health:
     a. Population Health and Physical Activity
     b. Epidemiology of physical activity and chronic disease

 2. Oncology
     a. Effects of physical activity in cancer patients
     b. Prescribing exercise for cancer survivors
     c. Exercise testing requirements in cancer survivors

 3. Weight management
     a. Physical activity and weight loss
     b. Efficacy of various types of physical activity for weight loss
     c. Efficacy of adjuvant medication/supplement/meal replacement in treating obesity
     d. Diet and weight management

  4. Others
     a. Injury prevention
     b. Novel treatment for sports injuries (PrP, Prolotherapy, ESWT, nuclear magnetic resonance therapy etc)
     c. Recovery: novel methods of recovery post training

 Notification of Acceptance

 The corresponding author will be informed of the decision via email before 15 January 2020. The Conference
 Scientific Committee is the final arbiter on the acceptance of abstracts.  The committee is not obligated to provide
 feedback to abstract authors regarding final decisions.

 Note: All presenting authors MUST register and pay the registration fee in full upon acceptance of the
 abstract. Please  note that all costs, including registration, are at the authors own expense.

 Key Dates for Abstract Submissions

​ 15 July 2019​​Call for Abstract Submission Opens
​ 1 December 2019   ​​Abstract Submission Closed
​​ 2 January to 15 January 2020 ​​Accepted Abstract authors will be notified of acceptance
​​ 7 March 2020​​E-poster Judging / Oral Presentation


  • Best Oral Presentation for each category
  • Best Poster Awards for each category

 Templates Download

 All submissions must be completed in Word format and submitted to the conference secretariat  
 via by 1 December 2019. All received abstracts will be acknowledged.

 Abstract Submission form.docx

 We look forward to receiving your abstract submission and would like to thank you for your contribution towards 
 the success of the inaugural SingHealth Duke-NUS Sport and Exercise Medicine Conference 2020.