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SingHealth Duke-NUS Sport and Exercise Medicine Conference 2020

  Organised by SingHealth Duke-NUS Sport & Exercise Medicine Centre (SDSC), the Inaugural SingHealth Duke-NUS 
  Sport and Exercise Medicine Conference aims to bring together Health Care Professionals from a wide range 
  of specialities to share knowledge and encourage learning and research within Sport and Exercise Medicine 


  The theme for this conference is Physical Activity – The New Vital Sign: Systematic Exercise Intervention

  in the Chronic Disease Paradigm. There will be 4 main tracks:

  1. Global initiatives in the promotion of physical activity
  2. Physical activity in Oncology
  3. Exercise in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  4. Effective weight management


  Taking place on 7 March 2020 at Academia Singapore, we are expecting a turnout of more than 200 participants   
  including Family Physicians, Orthopedic Surgeons, Oncologists, Endocrinologists, O&G surgeons,   
  Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Dietitians and of course, Sport and Exercise Physicians. The Conference
  is supported by Sports Medicine Association Singapore.


  The Singhealth Duke-NUS Sport & Exercise Medicine Centre (SDSC) was established in 2017 as a SingHealth
  cluster-wide initiative to integrate various disciplines in the areas of training, research and clinical service,
  ultimately providing patients with comprehensive Sport & Exercise Medicine (SEM) care.

  Musculoskeletal disorders have been reported as the top cause of health issues related to non-fatal diseases in
  2017. This inaugural Sport & Exercise Medicine Conference brings together pockets of SEM expertise from across 
  the whole cluster, to collectively discuss the prevention and management of musculoskeletal disorders, so that
  our patients can remain physically active and enjoy a higher quality of life. With the overwhelming evidence of 
  the benefits of physical activity in all stages of life, the theme of this conference, "Physical Activity – the New Vital  
  Sign”, is apt and timely.

  I welcome you to join us on this journey of learning as we move beyond healthcare to health and I look forward
  to meeting you at the conference.


  Best regards

  A/Prof Benedict Tan

  Chairman, SDSC



  On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to extend our warmest welcome to you for joining us at
  the  inaugural SingHealth Duke-NUS Sport & Exercise Medicine Conference 2020. The theme of this conference is
  "Physical Activity – the New Vital Sign: Systematic exercise intervention”. This is an important milestone for the
  SingHealth Duke-NUS Sport & Exercise Medicine Centre as we bring together doctors, allied health professionals,
  sport scientists and coaches involved in the specialty from all across the cluster and around the world to further 
  our knowledge in this field.

  In conjunction with WHO's global action plan on physical activity launched in late 2018, this conference will bring
  into focus the importance of physical activity in all stages of life. On the panel of speakers are distinguished
  healthcare professionals and scientists, both international and local, who will deliver lectures and presentations 
  on cutting edge information about exercise intervention and Sport & Exercise Medicine. There will be 4 sessions  
  in the main conference, covering global trends and initiatives in promoting physical activity, to the role physical in
  cancer survivors and hospice patients, to exercise prescription in pregnancy and menopause, to effective weight
  management in clinical and healthy populations.  It is not often that we have the opportunity gather such
  illustrious speakers who are leaders in their fields.

  This will be a unique opportunity to meet and engage with like-minded healthcare professionals as we deepen
  our understanding of Sport & Exercise Medicine.   I look forward to welcoming you in person at the conference.


  Best regards

  Dr Lim Ang Tee

  Organizing Chair

  SDSC Conference 2020


  Adj A/Prof Tian Ho Heng Roger 
​Senior Consultant, Changi General Hospital
  Adj A/Prof Chew Tai Loon Kelvin​Senior Consultant, Changi General Hospital
​  Dr Lim Ang Tee​Consultant, Changi General Hospital
​  Dr Ivy Lim​Consultant, Changi General Hospital
​  Dr Zhang Jiajia, Mandy​​Registrar, Changi General Hospital
​  Mr Deon Tan​Physiotherapist, Changi General Hospital
​  Dr Ng Chung Sien​Senior Staff Registrar, Changi General Hospital
​  Ms Loo Chuan Ing​Assistant Director, Changi General Hospital
​  Ms Ng Pei Sze Ivy ​Senior Executive, Changi General Hospital
​  Ms Heng Hui Fang Melissa ​Executive, Changi General Hospital
​  Ms Jinsi Woo ​Executive, Changi General Hospital