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Broadening Knowledge through Healthcare Literature
Extensively researched publications expounding on specific healthcare issues play an essential role in the furtherance of healthcare education. Leveraging on SingHealth’s wealth of experience and expertise in patient care delivery and leading-edge medical research, SingHealth Academy is well-resourced to develop publications to expand the knowledge of healthcare professionals as well as the general public.

The Academy has 3 sets of healthcare imprints to meet the needs of different target audiences:





Grey Cells Imprints
With growing public interest in general health-related topics, this set of imprints offers insights into the healthcare profession and provides guidance on healthy living. From personal accounts of doctors in service, health guides, inspirational stories from patients and healthcare professionals to informational literature, the Academy is committed to developing meaningful and enriching content for readers.  

Some books published under this imprints:
• Behind the Stethoscope: Personal Reflections on Life in Medicine
• Embracing Hoping: Chronicles of Blood Stem Cell Transplants
• Many Talents, One Passion: In Praise of Healthcare Heroes
• What Happens to Me at the Hospital?






Red Cells Imprints
This set of imprints caters to the needs of healthcare professionals and are ideal as academic texts or reference books for a wide range of healthcare practitioners including doctors, researchers, nurses, allied health professionals and healthcare administrators. The publications are suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, as well as other healthcare training courses. 

Some books published under this imprints:
• KKH Vaccine Pocketbook
• Medical Relief Mission Handbook: A Primary Care Perspective
• Complexities and Challenges in Gynaecological Ultrasonography
• The Baby Bear Book: A Practical Guide on Paediatrics





White Cells Imprints
Over the years, SingHealth has amassed significant success in our research endeavours. More than 60 full-time researchers pursuing their postgraduate degrees devote their expertise and time on some of the most challenging and pressing health issues in the fields of oncology, ophthalmology, neurosciences, immunology, rheumatology, cardiovascular diseases, endocrinology, etc. Centred on these research efforts, this set of imprints is a valuable resource for researchers of niche fields, whether in Singapore or beyond.

Some books published under this imprints:
• Steady, Stable and Safe: An Overview of Fall Prevention
• Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare

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