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Our Partners

Each distinguished in their specialised field of healthcare, our partners work with us to drive excellence in educational initiatives and training programmes.

Educational Centres

SGH-Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI)
Built on SGH’s illustrious history in medical education, SGH-PGMI is committed to the continuing education and training of medical professionals. It offers a comprehensive range of medical education and clinical pedagogy programmes as well as fellowship and attachment opportunities.

SingHealth Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing (IAN)
The first institute in Asia, and the third out of the United States to be accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), SingHealth Alice Lee IAN is dedicated to enhancing skills and promoting lifelong learning among nurses – providing quality nursing education of internationally-recognised standards.

SGH-Postgraduate Allied Health Institute (PGAHI)
Specialising in the education of allied health professionals through training programmes and clinical attachments, SGH-PGAHI is the first postgraduate allied health institute set up by a hospital in Singapore. It provides a wide range of training programmes that cater to the various allied health specialties.

SGH-Institute of Medical Simulation & Education (IMSE)
Well-known for its simulation training programmes which utilises advanced medical simulators, SGH-IMSE focuses on providing quality training and education in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, critical care, medical simulation, trauma and disaster.

KK Hospital Simulation Centre
Emphasising on neonatal, infant and paediatric care, the KK Hospital Simulation Centre is a crucial training resource for healthcare professionals dealing with young patients through the use of advanced simulation equipment and hi-fidelity manikins.

Academic Centre for Oral Healthcare at NDCS (ACORN)
As the education and research institute of the National Dental Centre of Singapore (NDC), ACORN specialises in the continuing education and training of dental professionals.

PRImary care Medical Education (PRIME)
One of the four accredited Family Medicine training centres in Singapore, SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP) has a formal training unit - PRIME - for undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional education in primary care fields.

SingHealth Institutions

Singapore General Hospital (SGH)
With a history of over 180 years, SGH is Singapore’s oldest and largest acute tertiary hospital and national referral centre. The seat of medical education since the early 1900s, SGH continues to be the country’s largest postgraduate teaching hospital and a principal training ground for specialists.
KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital (KKH)

Established in 1924, KKH is Singapore’s largest medical facility for women, children and babies. A teaching hospital, KKH plays a pivotal role in specialist training for obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G), neonatology and paediatrics.


National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS)

As Singapore’s cancer medical specialist centre, NCCS is committed to specialised training for healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive treatment for cancer. NCCS houses Singapore’s largest pool of oncologists and has a team of experienced oncologist-educators to carry out its education programmes.


National Dental Centre of Singapore (NDCS)

As Singapore’s premier centre for specialist dental care, NDCS provides a unique training environment for dental professionals. While formal dental training traces its roots to 1927, NDCS continues this legacy today by offering and supporting quality dental education for dental professionals.


National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS)

Dedicated to the field of leading-edge heart treatments, NHCS is the national referral centre for cardiovascular medicine and the first heart centre outside of the United States and in Asia to receive the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.


National Neuroscience Institute (NNI)

Specialising in the management and care of neurological diseases, NNI is widely acknowledged as a leader in postgraduate neuroscience training and neurology continuing medical education (CME) in Singapore.


Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC)

Widely recognised as Southeast Asia’s leading ophthalmic training institute, SNEC is the nation’s largest provider of specialist eye care and the main provider of ophthalmic training opportunities in the region.


SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP)

Since its inception, SHP has been actively involved in the training and development of healthcare practitioners. Over the years, it has played an integral part in family medicine and primary care training, as well as in the continuing professional education for doctors, nurses and pharmacists in Singapore.


Strategic Partner

Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School offers an innovative and rigorous post-baccalaureate medical education programme with a distinctive focus aimed at building leaders and scholars in medical research, education and patient care.

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