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SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference 2019 Abstract Listing

Education Research (e-Poster of All Accepted Abstracts)

Abstract Ref. No. ​Title
ER-10057​Readiness for Housemanship- A View From the Battlefield
ER-10058​How Does Tutoring and Teaching Differ and Overlap With Mentoring in Medicine?
ER-10059​Interprofessional Education (IPE) on Management of Diabetes with a Multidisciplinary Team
ER-10060​A Pilot Study to Identify Physician Traits That Enhance Medical Student Education in the Emergency Department
ER-10061​Listening to the Learner – Learner-centric Symposium Based on Self-perceived Learning Needs
ER-10062​Grit: Does It Protect Against Burnout?
ER-10063​Evaluation of Mentoring Programme for Junior Doctors in SingHealth
​ER-10064​Evaluation of In-service Programme in the Physiotherapy Department of KK Women's and Children's Hospital
ER-10065​To Ascertain if High Fidelity Simulation With Didactic Teaching Improve Nurses' Competency in the Management of Critically Ill Patients
​​ER-10068​The Role of Curriculum in Influencing Mentoring Culture in Medicine: A Systematic Scoping Review
​​ER-10069​Strategies Adopted by Host Organisations to Improve Mentoring Programmes: A Scoping Review
​​ER-10070​Evaluation of an In-house Implantable Cardiac Device (ICD) Training Programme for Clinical Physiologists
​​ER-10071​The Effectiveness of Mock Code Blue in Frontline Support Healthcare Staff
​​ER-10072​Learning Needs of Nurses in Transition into Community Nursing
​​ER-10073​Understanding Role Modelling in Palliative Medicine: A Thematic Review of Role Modelling in Postgraduate Internal Medicine Between 2000 - 2015
​​ER-10074​Trainees' Perception of the Basic Suturing Skills Training: SWOT Analysis
​​ER-10075​Radiology Information System (RIS) Integrated Faculty Scoring and Feedback System for After Office Hours (AOH) On-Call Resident Provisional Radiology Reports
​​ER-10076​An Overview of Exam Performance of Internal Medicine Resident
ER-10077​Enhancing Mentoring in Palliative Medicine  A Systematic Scoping Review of Combined Novice, Peer-, Near-Peer and E-Mentoring for Medical Mentoring in Palliative Medicine 2000 to 2018
ER-10078​A Mixed Method Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of a Resilience Building Programme for New Healthcare Professionals
​ER-10079​Humanistic Aspirations as a Propeller for Palliative Medicine Education (HAPPE) – A Pilot Study
ER-10081​Formative Assessment with Technology: Perceptions of the Educator and the Learners
ER-10082​IUCD Insertion Instructional Video: Low Cost Self-recorded Demonstration Video Versus Animated Video – An Evaluation of Learners' Perceived Usefulness
​​ER-10083​Investigating the Relationship Between Team-based Learning (TBL) Peer Evaluation Scores and Grades in TBL

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