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SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference 2019 Abstract Listing

Education Research (e-Poster of All Accepted Abstracts)

Abstract Ref. No. ​Title
​ER-10029​Preparedness for Practice of Medical Graduands: Survey Data Findings From a Longitudinal Study
​ER-10030​Introducing Healthcare Innovation Concepts During Medical Education Improves Graduate Medical Student Self-awareness Regarding Design Thinking Concepts
ER-10031​The Push and Pull Factors for Nurses Working in a Community Palliative Care Setting: A Qualitative Study
ER-10032​Nursing Care: What Really Matters? Combined Perspectives from Academic Research and Caregiver's Personal Narrative
ER-10035​Enhancing Residents' Performance in Family Medicine In-training Examination Through Performance Improvement Programme (PIP)
ER-10036​A Descriptive Study of Paediatric Registered Nurses' Perception of Bedside Shift Handover Report with Caregiver Engagement in Relation to Patient Safety
ER-10037​Introduction of Formative Assessments to Improve Learning Outcomes for Polytechnic Students' Packing Competency Training
ER-10038​Introduction of Communication Skills Training Programme for Pre-registration Pharmacists in KKH
​​ER-10039​Junior Doctors Running Outpatient Clinics After a 24-hour Shift: Effects on Patient Satisfaction and Prescription Errors
​​ER-10040​A Novel Competency Evaluation Form for In-house Optometrists: A SNEC Pilot Study
​​ER-10041​What Kind of Teaching Tools Facilitate for Medical Students?
​​ER-10042​InTERSim Revisited – Examining the Effect of Increased Frequency of in-situ Simulation Sessions on Learners
​​ER-10043​Using Multiple Mini Interviews to Assess Nursing Programme Applicants – Are We There Yet?
​​ER-10045​Sustained Long Term Reduction in Reporting Error by Means of a Structured eLearning Module in Treadmill Stress Testing
​​ER-10046​A Systematic Scoping Review of Ethical Issues in Mentoring in Surgery
​​ER-10047​Competency-based Education for Training of Diagnostic Radiographers in Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Procedure in the Operating Theatre – An Initial Experience
​​ER-10048​The Fear of Teaching Among Medical Students
​ER-10049​Formative Self-assessment While Studying Helps Stimulate Learning Performance in Classroom
ER-10050​Blended Learning Method is Useful for Teaching Community Nurses End-of-life Care
​ER-10051​Assessing Nurses' Knowledge on Pressure Injury After a Structured Education Programme in an Acute Medical Centre
ER-10052​A Student-run Pre-clinical to Clinical Medical School Transitional Programme – Design and Review at a Singapore Medical School
ER-10053​Training Need Assessment of the Nurses Working in the RDHS Division Jaffna: Development of an Effective New Method
ER-10054​Are Patient Care Errors Made by Emergency Medicine Residents and Physicians Due to a Lack of Medical Knowledge? – An Audit of Cases Presented at Morbidity Round
​​ER-10055​Student Motivation and Assessment – What's the Deal?
​​ER-10056​Pedagogical Approaches in Multidisciplinary Education for Internal Medicine Residents: A Scoping Systematic Review

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