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Research Track

Research nurses are uniquely positioned to advance nursing practice and patient outcomes through their work. Nurses who pursue the Research track can look forward to opportunities to work alongside outstanding research mentors and faculty in SingHealth to push the frontiers in healthcare. Scroll down to read the stories of our nurses in research!

Ang Mei Qi.jpg


Ang Mei Qi

Nurse Clinician, KK Women's and Children's Hospital

My Nursing Journey:

I have been practicing as a Registered Nurse in KKH for the past 10 years. While working in the clinical area, I realised that it is not enough to be just competent in the nursing skills; we need to keep abreast with latest evidence in order to provide quality care for our patients. In 2016, I was given the opportunity to enrol in the Nursing Research Fellowship Programme in KKH, which deepened my passion for and understanding in the area of research. Currently, my research interests include the improvement of women's perinatal health and the metabolic health of pregnant women.

Receiving the Nurses' Merit Award in 2017 for my work in nursing research  

​I strongly believe that research drives clinical decisions and care, and evidence-based practice enables nurses to keep pace with a rapidly-changing world. Another meaningful part of my work includes mentoring the younger generation of nursing research fellows and helping them to pursue their research interests more effectively.


Nursing combines the science of medicine and the art of providing care for the patient. To me, research is like the icing on that cake; making my nursing career even more fulfilling and exciting. I am glad that SingHealth Nursing has given me the opportunity to progress in the research track.


Norasyikin Binte Hassan.png


Norasyikin Binte Hassan    

Senior Nurse Manager, Changi General Hospital

My Nursing Journey:

I became a Staff Nurse at CGH in 1999 after completing my Diploma in Nursing studies. In the first eight years of my career, I have worked in various disciplines, from ENT to medical-surgical wards, which enriched my experience in caring for a diverse range of patients.


During this time, I also participated in improvement projects and nursing debates, which taught me to think critically and see things differently in patient care delivery. This was also what sparked off my passion for nursing research. In 2006, I was awarded the Alice Lee-SingHealth Nursing Scholarship to pursue Bachelor of Nursing overseas. During my university days, I was nominated to participate in a summer research fellowship to work with my professor in studying nurses and their shift work.


SingHealth has provided me with ample opportunities to purse my interest in nursing research. In 2010, I attained a Masters' of Nursing Science to read qualitative methodologies, which I subsequently introduced to fellow nurses in the CGH Nursing Research Course. The highlight of my career was spearheading Nursing Research Fellowship Programme in 2015 for nurses to conduct their research under protected time.


Currently, I supervise younger nurses  in research work and guide them in areas such as grant application and paper presentation. This also extends to mentoring nursing students who are conducting primary research as part of their honours work. Even as I mentor them, I have begun to find a new interest in topics like education research and assessment. Nursing has truly moulded me to become a person in constant pursuit of knowledge, as there is always something new to discover in healthcare.

With NUS Nursing Honors students
attached to CGH in 2019
Teaching item analysis
to Senior Clinical Instructors