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The SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Nursing (CCN) shapes and drives strategies for Clinical Nursing training and education initiatives across SingHealth. CCN oversees the development of Undergraduate Nursing Education, Postgraduate Nursing Education, Continuing Nursing Education and Global Nursing.
Besides driving service excellence, the College advocates life-long learning and empowers nurses with advanced clinical knowledge and expertise to enhance patient care. CCN collaborates with internal and external hospitals and institutions to develop multidisciplinary programmes that add value to the nurses' skillsets. 

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SingHealth Strategic Human Resource
Scholarships & Awards Team

As part of Strategic Human Resource (SHR) Division, the Scholarships & Awards Team supports the Division in three broad areas, namely, young talent attraction, employee recognition through administration of awards and recruitment faciliation for the cluster.

We aim to attract, recruit and engage young talent and mid-career switchers to feed the pipeline for manpower needs, retain talents within the cluster through awards administration and facilitate the recruitment for the cluster to meet manpower needs. Also, we attract young healthcare talents of the right fit through employer branding initiatives by strategically positioning ourselves as an employer of choice. Lastly, we manage young healthcare talents which we, together with MOHH, have recruited through scholarships and sponsorships, from onboarding, to engagement, and lastly, bond completion.

We strive to continue to attract the right young talents, mid-career switchers and top international professionals to join SingHealth and retain existing top professional so that we can provide the best care for our patients.

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SingHealth Nursing Students' Council

The SingHealth Nursing Students' Council (The Trailblazers) was formed in 2019 by a network of SingHealth-sponsored nursing students from the various SingHealth institutions. The council was formed with the intent to nurture the leadership capabilities of our sponsored students by providing them with a voice and opportunities to engage and network with their fellow peers and future colleagues.