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Nursing FAQs

Applying to Nursing

1. I am not sure if I should join Nursing. Are there any opportunities to get a better understanding of the profession before enrolling into a Nursing programme?

Beyond our annual Nursing Open House, SingHealth conducts outreach activities in secondary schools and junior colleges to give students better insight into the roles and responsibilities of Nurses. We also offer the SingHealth Nursing Internship Programme, a two-week immersion programme which allows individuals to experience nursing in the SingHealth hospitals and institutions by shadowing nurses in the wards.

*Please note that as part of precautionary measures due to COVID-19, outreach programmes and the Nursing Internship programme have been suspended until further notice. For any queries, please contact

2. What are the entry requirements for the Nursing diploma and degree respectively?

O-level holders may apply for a Nursing diploma, and A-level holders may apply for the Nursing degree, even if they do not have prior nursing qualification. Eligibility requirements vary across educational institutes, so please contact the respective education providers for more information.

3. How do the various educational pathways translate to a career in Nursing?

Please refer to the diagram below to better understand the education pathways available when pursuing a career in Nursing.

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 3.33.03 pm.png

          4. Will I be able to cope with Nursing if I have no background in Biology?

          Biology is not a pre-requisite to enter Nursing, and any Biology-related content that is relevant to your work in Nursing will be covered during the course of your study. Beyond the lectures and tutorials, you may also consult your lecturer whenever you have questions.

          5. I am currently working full-time in another industry. Do I need certification in Nursing if I want to make a mid-career switch?

          Yes. If you wish to be a registered nurse in Singapore, Nursing certification is required. There are various Nursing degrees and certificates available, depending on your current qualifications. We recommend checking out Care to Go Beyond for more information if you are considering making a mid-career switch to Nursing.

          Scholarships and Sponsorships

          6. What are the differences between a scholarship and sponsorship?

          Scholarships and sponsorships provide budding nurses with the financial stability to pursue their career aspirations and to get a headstart in their career with SingHealth. The main differences between scholarships and sponsorships lie in the types of benefits offered and the length of service commitment upon graduation. To find out more, click here.


                  7. What are the safety measures being taken to ensure the safety of Nursing students during this COVID-19 period?

                  The safety of our Nursing students are paramount to us. Our healthcare institutions have strict infection control protocols and safety measures that are aligned to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health, and we work closely with academic institutions to implement robust safety precautions for clinical attachments. Even as we strive to optimise learning opportunities during this time, specific patient assignments are carefully evaluated and potential safety risks are reviewed and mitigated. Students are also trained in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and specific patient assignments are carefully considered to keep them safe.

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