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Management Track

At SingHealth, nurse leaders are crucial in providing strategic leadership, governance, and critical decision-making to ensure the smooth operations of our healthcare institutions and to shape the future of nursing. Under the Management track, nurses with leadership potential will have opportunities to take on various managerial roles in leading nursing teams to provide quality integrated care. Scroll down to read the stories of our nurse leaders!

Ng Wai May.jpg


Ng Wai May

Deputy Director of Nursing (Advanced Practice Nurse), 
National Neuroscience Institute

My Nursing Journey:

I joined Nursing 25 years ago because I wanted to make a difference. Early in my career, I saw the challenges faced by patients living with neurological conditions and decided to specialise in the management of patients suffering from strokes. Over the years, I have built up my clinical skills, furthered my education and gained a doctorate in nursing.


As one of the pioneer nurses at the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI), I was asked to establish the nursing department at NNI, giving me exposure in nursing management. Now, I am fortunate to have a dual track career – as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) and Deputy Director of Nursing, NNI.


In my role as an APN, I am activated for acute stroke management in the Emergency Department and run my own outpatient clinics. Being on the ground allows me to understand the concerns and challenges faced by patients, caregivers and staff, which also helps me in my nursing management role.


As Deputy Director of Nursing, I work with NNI's senior management team, nurses and clinicians to deliver quality neuroscience nursing care. Together, we work on initiatives ranging from budget utilisation, establishing new services as well as identifying and supporting nurses' training needs. Playing a management role in Nursing has allowed me to shape the growth of future nurses and re-define the role of nurses for better delivery of care.


I am grateful to SingHealth Nursing leaders for being supportive of new ideas and innovations, as well as SingHealth for giving me such a fulfilling nursing career.

Guiding younger nurses in the outpatient clinics My trusty team of nurses at NNI

Alice Chua.jpg

Alice Chua Foong Sin

Assistant Director of Nursing (Advanced Practice Nurse), 
National Cancer Centre Singapore 

My Nursing Journey:

My Nursing career spans 24 years and counting. As a nurse, we are privileged to be part of a patient's life to care for them during challenging times. We have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul and body of our patients and their families. In the process of helping our patients, we learn and grow as individuals too.


I am currently an Advanced Practice Nurse and I manage patients with head and neck cancers throughout their disease trajectory. I follow my patients along their care trajectory – from the pre, peri and post-surgical care. My main scope of service involves reviewing, educating, monitoring, providing survivorship care and end-of-life care. 


Beyond that, I also serve as the Assistant Director of Nursing at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), where I oversee the Nurse Clinician Specialty group which consist of the Advanced Practice Nurses, Speciality Care Nurses, Resident Nurses and Palliative care Nurses. I am responsible for leading, directing, planning and assessing the delivery of competent, up-to-date, value-driven and safe quality care to achieve optimal patient outcomes.


There are tremendous opportunities nestled within SingHealth Nursing. Highlights in my Nursing career include graduating with a practice-based doctorate from Duke University (USA) in 2019, and being awarded the President's Award for Nurses in 2020. All of which would not have been possible, if not for the vast array of learning and advancement opportunities offered to me by SingHealth.

Graduating from Duke University in 2019Following up with my patients during my clinics