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Informatics Track

Nurse Informatics plays an integral role in today’s healthcare. Nurses who pursue the Informatics track work at the intersection of nursing science, computer science, information management and analytical sciences to improve patient outcomes and safety. Capitalising on their foundation of clinical knowledge, they identify areas of improvement in clinical workflows and create solutions to improve the way we deliver patient care. Scroll down to read the stories of our informatics nurses!

Zubaidah Binte Hassan.jpg


Zubaidah Binte Hassan

Nurse Clinician, National Heart Centre Singapore

My Nursing Journey:

I started as a nurse at a cardiothoracic surgery general ward, after graduating from NYP in 2004. With a prior interest in Information Technology (IT), I decided to embark on the Nursing Informatics career track from 2014.


Working in Nursing Informatics (NI) has allowed me to combine my passions for nursing and healthcare technology. I explore how patient care can be enhanced, by bridging clinical skills with developments in technology. One project which I'm proud of is the Medical Device Interface, which we developed to directly input our patients' vital signs into the electronic medical record system. This has tremendously improved the clinical nurses' workflow and prevents erroneous data records in the system.


As an NI nurse, I also ensure that all levels of nurses are equipped with the necessary skills in using technologies so that they can provide optimal care for their patients. This requires me to organise training sessions for nurses to ensure that they can employ the relevant technologies and digital systems to optimise care for patients.


Over the years, SingHealth has been very supportive in honing my knowledge in informatics, by sending me on Health Manpower Development Plan (HMDP) training to USA to learn more on the nursing electronic documentation and practices, which we incorporated into our operations at NHCS. Nursing Informatics places me at the forefront of healthcare, and it's exciting to know that constant innovation can positively change the way we care for our patients!

Presenting an Innovation Quality Circles project at SingHealth Nursing Conference 2018

Providing guidance to nurses on how to
leverage on new digital solutions

Eugene Tan Wei Jie.jpg


Eugene Tan Wei Jie

Senior Staff Nurse, Singapore General Hospital

My Nursing Journey:  

I joined the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) as an orthopaedic nurse in 2016 after graduating from the National University of Singapore (NUS). During the course of my nursing journey, I was impressed by the increasing technological advances which could aid nurses in their work. The exposure to advancements in healthcare information technology was what spurred me on to pursue a career in Nursing Informatics (NI).


The SGH NI team routinely rounds the wards to find out the stress points on the ground, with regard to nursing workflow and other informatics-related matters. We work hand-in-hand with the nurses and nursing leaders; collaborating with IT staff to improve digital clinical documents. Our latest project includes rolling out the iECG initiative, where electrocardiograms will be directly synced into SGH's Electronic Medical Record system. This will provide medical teams faster access to the results, as well as reduce the need to print out ECGs in future. It always gives me great satisfaction to see how our efforts can empower our healthcare colleagues to offer better care to their patients.


To strengthen my knowledge and understanding in this chosen career track, I will soon be embarking on a Professional Certificate in Nursing Informatics offered by NUS. I am thankful to be well nurtured by SingHealth!

Conducting a hands-on session with iECG

Rounding the wards to provide guidance to the nurses