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Education Track

Nurse educators play an essential role in inspiring and mentoring the next generation of nurses for tomorrow’s healthcare. Nurses who join the Education track are equipped with skills and competencies to help them grow as effective educators to teach and advance the quality of nursing education. Scroll down to read the stories of our nurses in education!

Cynthia Allyssa Claire

Nurse Educator, Sengkang General Hospital

My Nursing Journey:

I graduated from NYP in 2008 with a Diploma in Nursing. After nursing elderly patients in my student years, I found my passion in Geriatric Nursing, taking up an Advanced Diploma in Gerontology in 2011. Fast forward to two years later, I was offered a scholarship to undertake the Bachelor (Hons) in Nursing with the Singapore Institute of Technology in collaboration with University of Manchester (SIT-UOM). As a student of SIT-UOM, I was even given the opportunity to travel to Manchester for an Overseas Immersion Programme, where I got to experience nursing outside of Singapore.


With my predominant interest in teaching, I decided to take up the Nursing Education career track and started as a Clinical Instructor (CI) in 2015 in Sengkang General Hospital (SKH). As the pioneer batch of CIs in SKH, I was given numerous opportunities to learn and improve my teaching skills. SingHealth also sponsored me to take on the Specialist Diploma in Clinical Education (NYP), and currently the Masters in Health Profession Education which has helped me become a Nurse Educator.

With Nursing students from SIT-UOM when SKH was operating in
Alexandra Hospital
As a unit-based Nurse Educator, I conduct workshops and in-service training sessions for nurses. I spend most of the time in the wards working closely with in-service nurses and Nursing students to guide them in their nursing practice. I also support clinical instructors in their role development.

Chitra Vallei Govindasamy.jpg


Chitra Vallei D/O Govindasamy

Assistant Director of Nursing (Education), Singapore National Eye Centre

My Nursing Journey:

Nursing was not my first job. Previously, I had worked as a production operator, cashier, accounts clerk and an educational clerical officer with MOE. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to care for those in need, particularly those who were unwell, which led me to dive head-first into the nursing profession. That was 34 years ago and till today, I have no regrets about choosing Nursing as my career.

Currently, I am an Assistant Director of Nursing (Education) at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC). As a leader in education, I oversee the structure and delivery of education for nurses in SNEC. One of the highlights of my career includes co-founding the Education Development Unit, which develops and provides ophthalmic training programs for nurses and allied health professionals.

I am also involved in the development and teaching of educational programmes such as the SNEC-Duke NUS Basic Certificate for Ophthalmic Assistants and Technicians and the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Specialisation (Ophthalmic Nursing). Knowing that I get to play a part in grooming healthcare professionals who will advance the delivery of Ophthalmic care for our patients, always gives me great satisfaction.


Teaching learners at an
Intra-Vitreal injection programme

With my students from the
Intra-Vitreal injection programme