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Clinical Track

Nurse clinicians provide direct care to patients and their families with opportunities to develop their clinical knowledge and skills across a diverse range of sub-specialities and disciplines in Nursing. Besides providing specialised care, nurse clinicians play a fundamental role in advancing patient care through evidence-based practices, delivering holistic and comprehensive patient care to promote the health and recovery of patients. Scroll down to read the stories of our nurse clinicians!

Wong Sin Yie.jpg


Wong Sin Yie

Senior Staff Nurse, Sengkang Polyclinic 

My Nursing Journey:

During my interview for the Asian Nursing Scholarship (ANS) six years ago, I was asked about the challenges I envisioned myself encountering in Nursing, and my reply was combating infectious diseases such as SARS. Never would would I have imagined that 2020 would bring about COVID-19! Recently, I volunteered and supported the medical team deployed to the migrant worker dormitories. Despite the language barriers, the migrant workers and healthcare workers managed to communicate through a mixture of simple English and sign language. Receiving a smile and thank-you from the migrant workers really made my day!

This is just one of the many rewarding and meaningful moments that always reminded me of why I chose Nursing as a career. Beyond caring for patients who visit SingHealth Polyclinics, my work in the Clinical domain includes delivering services in health promotion and disease prevention to the public, such as providing health counselling, vaccination and development assessment. Biannually, I also collaborate with colleagues from Nursing, Pharmacy and Administration to organise voluntary work at Nursing and Children’s Homes, where we spend time guiding residents towards better healthcare management and bonding with them over fun activities.


SingHealth Nursing has continuously supported me in advancing my knowledge and skills as a nurse; sponsoring me through my studies to obtain a Bachelors’ degree in Nursing and a Masters’ degree in Healthcare Services. Knowing that I am able to bring happiness and comfort to those who are sick, has inspired me to continue this fulfilling journey as a nurse.

Dormitory.jpgNursing Home.jpg

Volunteering at the
migrant worker dormitory

Carrying out childhood immunisations at the polyclinic

Visiting the Nursing Home
with my colleagues

Shaifullah Bin Abu Bakar

Assistant Nurse Clinician, Outram Community Hospital

My Nursing Journey:

I began my career as a staff nurse in an orthopaedic ward in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) in 2009. I had an interesting and fruitful experience there; nursing patients with traumatic fractures, amputations and bone diseases. I even had the opportunity to pursue the Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Orthopaedic) to deepen my knowledge in the discipline.

After many years in SGH, I decided to transfer to SingHealth Community Hospitals (SCH). While working in the acute wards, I had always thought of my patients, who would be transferred to community hospitals for rehabilitation post-surgery, and I wanted to learn more about what the recovery process was like for them.

Guiding nurses in wound management

​Working under SCH gave me the invaluable opportunity to help set up Outram Community Hospital (OCH) when it was first-built, which was a different challenge and experience on its own. I learnt what goes into the setting up of a ward, how hospital policies and operational guidelines are formed, as well as how to manage patients and staff as a supervisor.

As a clinical nurse, I now manage one of the wards in OCH; putting my clinical skills in practice and guiding our new nurses in caring for the patients.