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Message from the Chair & Co-Chair​

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Mr Peter Tay

Chair, College of Healthcare Administration and Leadership

Chief Executive Officer, ALPS Pte. Ltd.

SingHealth recognises the importance of healthcare leadership and administration competencies. The College of Administration and Leadership (CHeAL) was formed to nurture a strong pipeline of healthcare leaders and administrators. This allows for the growth of our leaders, a progressive development of leadership qualities in them, and enables seamless transitions of leadership roles.​​

Through the SingHealth Competency Framework, CHeAL aims to systemically develop the healthcare leadership and administration capabilities of SingHealth's clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals, oral healthcare professionals, and administrators to become competent managers and leaders. The College aims to increase the learning value chain among the various domains and SingHealth institutions.

CHeAL aspires to be a renowned centre of excellence for healthcare administration and leadership through partnership and learning from locally, regionally, and globally established organisations, and build a community of healthcare leaders and staff who are competent and confident future-ready leaders.

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Dr Phua May Ling

Co-Chair, College of Healthcare Administration and Leadership

Chief Operating Officer, Education

The establishment of the College of Healthcare Administration and Leadership (CHeAL) is a testimony of SingHealth's commitment toward educating and readying all staff for the rapidly changing medical landscape. In CHeAL, we ensure that our leaders, administrators and staff are well-equipped for any current and future national healthcare situation and are fully developed with knowledge in generic, domain-specific and management competencies.

The partnership between Strategic HR (SHR) and the Office of SingHealth Academy (OSH​A) leads to better oversight and coordination of training programmes. The College synergises our collective resources and expertise in leadership and organisational development, and learning technology to provide staff with a stronger understanding of SingHealth cluster's unique requirements. Through CHeAL, all SingHealth staff will benefit from robust training programmes designed with cluster-specific, work-relevant needs in mind and receive ample learning resources that support their training process.

CHeAL aspires to nurture staff into competent, confident and future-ready healthcare professionals who will lead SingHealth to greater achievements in patient care, clinical education and Academic Medicine. As CHeAL takes its first steps as a College, we seek to become a renowned Centre of Excellence for Healthcare Administration and Leadership.​​

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