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Our Team 

At the Office of SingHealth Academy (O-SHA), we provide education services and corporate support to all Colleges and Institutes to enhance teaching and learning. We have a wide range of resources that support the educational needs of our educators and learners in achieving clinical education excellence.

OfficeOfSingHealthAcademy-OrgChart.jpgCorporate Planning and Services

  • Corporate Services and Administration Team
    The Corporate Services and Administration Team provides strategic planning and operational oversights for the Education domain by managing the finance, manpower capacity and projections as well as education funding and scholarship for education in SingHealth. The team also oversees the enterprise risk management of SingHealth Academy to ensure compliance with international standards as well as mitigation of potential risk in its daily operations.
  • Education Communications Team
    The Education Communications Team provides strategic communications support to education stakeholders in the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre. The team works closely with key education stakeholders to communicate education offerings and services effectively through the various communication platforms aligned to the Academy’s’ vision.
  • Collaborations and Partnership Team
    The Collaborations and Partnership Team reaches out to education partners in healthcare beyond SingHealth, to cultivate goodwill and foster development of education collaborations in SingHealth and the region.


Academic/ Education Support

  • Academia Facilities Management Team
    The Academia Facilities Management Team oversees the administration of education facilities in Academia. These include a suite of specialised training facilities and other purpose-built venues such as tutorial and training rooms. The team works with organisers to configure these facilities to the different training needs, enhancing the teaching and learning environment for educators and learners.
  • Academic Resources & Research Team
    The Academic Resources and Research Team works with researchers, authors, editors and content partners to support scholarly communication and health professions education research in SingHealth. The team provides services in health professions education research, manages the SingHealth cluster eLibrary, develops and delivers training in scholarly communication topics, as well as manages and publishes healthcare-related educational titles (including acting as the Secretariat for the SingHealth medical journal, Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare)
  • Audio Visual Technology Team
    The Audio Visual (AV) Technology Team manages the AV systems in the education facilities to ensure its functionality and readiness for events. The team provides and provides timely support and assistance to event organisers for their needs such as support for real-time video streaming from Academia to other external sites or support the lecture recordings at various SingHealth institutions through the media-site portal. 
  • Learning Development Team
    The Learning Development Team consists of a strong team of digital media specialists that specialises in designing and developing learning contents to enhance teaching and learning. The team works closely with educators to conduct design analysis based on their learning objectives to improve learning outcomes.
    Areas of specialty:
      - Course design analysis
      - Content development (e.g. eLearning, digital media and illustrations)
  • Learning Innovation & Technology Team
    The Learning Innovation and Technology Team actively supports technology infrastructure related to clinical education through the use of the latest educational teaching and learning tools. The team works closely with faculty and administrators to produce videos relevant to medical education and provide effective learning solutions to innovate teaching and learning experiences.
    Areas of specialty:
      - Video production
      - 2D/3D animation and visual effect
      - Innovation Technology (e.g. eLearning, eLecture solution)

  • Workshop & Conference Management Team
    Partnering hospitals, institutions and clinical departments, the Workshop & Conference Management Team develops and organises workshops and large-scale events such as scientific congresses and medical conferences. These workshops and events are carefully designed and customised to improve learning outcomes, catering to the needs of the various healthcare professions.
    Areas of specialty:
      - Programmes and training management
      - Events management
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